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World Cup U-20: Brazil, with ten players, ends Tunisia's campaign and reaches the quarter-finals, and a shocking exit for Argentina

The Brazilian national team finished with ten players the journey of its Tunisian counterpart in the FIFA U-20 World Cup in Argentina, in the final price round, when it defeated it 4-1 on Wednesday at the “Ciudad de la Plata” stadium.

Marcos Leonardo (11 from a penalty kick), captain Andre Santos (31, 90 + 10), Matthews Martins (90 + 1) and (90 + 11) scored the goals of Brazil, which played a full round with ten players, after its defense pole Robert Renan was sent off in the 45th minute.

On the other hand, Sfaxien club defender Mahmoud Ghorbal scored the only goal for Tunisia in the thirteenth minute of stoppage time.

Brazil decided the result of the match in its first half, so it opened the scoring early from a penalty kick that Santos striker Leonardo grabbed when he took advantage of a wrong ball from defender Ali Saudi to his goalkeeper Idris Al-Arfawi, who tried to disperse it, so the Brazilian striker was hindered inside the area, so he jumped into it himself strong inside the goal (11).

It was Leonardo's fourth goal in the tournament, cementing his position in second place on the scorers' list.

Vasco de Gama midfielder Andre Santos strengthened Brazil's lead with a powerful shot with his right from close range, following a pass on a plate of gold from Leonardo behind the defense inside the area, which he housed to the right of goalkeeper Arfawi (31).

Brazil received a painful blow by expelling its defense pole and the Russian St. Petersburg club, Renan, after blocking the Egyptian Al-Ahly striker, Mohamed El-Dawy, at the moment he was alone with Palmeiras goalkeeper Kiki Pereira (45).

The Tunisian national team rushed at the beginning of the second half in search of an equalizer by exploiting the numerical deficiency of its Brazilian counterpart, but without effectiveness, except for a shot by French Lyon midfielder Shem Jebali from the edge of the area, which was pushed by goalkeeper Pereira into a corner that did not bear fruit (68), and a header by the substitute, French striker Saint-Etienne, Gabriel Othman. A pass to Al-Jabali passed next to the right post (70).

The substitute, the coastal star striker Raqi Al-Aouni, succeeded in reducing the difference when he received a ball behind the defense from Al-Dhawi inside the area, so he set it for himself on his right thigh and hit it with the right foot to the right of goalkeeper Pereira (77), but it was canceled after resorting to the video assistant referee due to a touch of hand on the Tunisian striker before reimbursement.

Watford midfielder Matthews Martins, Leonardo's replacement, dealt the final blow to Tunisia by scoring the third goal after a quick counterattack, after which he received a ball inside the area from midfielder Vasco de Gama, so he followed it up with his right from close range into the goal (90 + 1).

Commander Santos concluded the festival with a fourth goal replica of the third from a quick counterattack, after which he passed a ball from substitute Giovanni from the middle of the field, so he launched and hit it from the edge of the area in the far left corner of goalkeeper Arfaoui (90 + 10).

Gharbal scored the goal of honor for Tunisia, taking advantage of a dribble in front of the goal in the 13th minute of stoppage time.

It is the first time that the Tunisian national team has reached the final price of the Youth World Cup.

Tunisia succeeded in booking its ticket to the final price as one of the four teams that finished the first round in third place, benefiting from France's victory over Honduras 1-3 in the third and final round of Group Six competitions.

Tunisia finished the first round in third place in Group E, with three points, from a 3-0 victory over Iraq in the second round, and two losses against England in the first round and Uruguay in the third round, with one score 0-1.

Brazil will meet in the quarter-finals with Israel.

Nigeria shocked Argentina, the host and record holder in the number of titles in the competition, when it defeated them with two clean goals scored by Ibrahim Mohamed (61) and Riluano Sarki (90 + 1).

Argentina won six titles, the last of which was in 2005 and 2007, and paved the way for its neighbor and arch-rival Brazil to equal its record number of titles, while Nigeria continues its tournament in its quest to repeat the achievement of Ghana, the only African country to win the title in 2009.

Nigeria will play in the next round with Ecuador or South Korea, who meet today.

Colombia also reached the quarter-finals by defeating Slovakia with five goals by Oscar Cortes (48, 90 + 4), Jasir Aspriya (50) and Thomas Angel Gutierrez (52 and 63), against a goal by Timothy Yambur (87).

Curtis joined the top scorers of the Brazilian Leonardo and the Italian Casadi with four goals.

Colombia will meet in the quarter-finals with Italy, the winner over England, with two goals from Empoli midfielder Tommaso Baldancy (8) and Cesare Casadi (87 from a penalty kick) against a goal by Alfie Devine (24).

Cassady strengthened his position at the top of the scorers list with five goals.

The United States and Israel were the first to qualify for the quarter-finals, with the first beating New Zealand 4-0, and the second beating Uzbekistan 1-0 on Tuesday.

The United States plays with Gambia or Uruguay, who meet today.


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World Cup U-20: Brazil, with ten players, ends Tunisia's campaign and reaches the quarter-finals, and a shocking exit for Argentina