Wed 15 May 2024 5:53 pm - Jerusalem Time

An Israeli delegation visited Cairo in an attempt to calm tensions around Rafah

Today, Wednesday, an Israeli security delegation led by representatives of the Shin Bet visited the Egyptian capital, Cairo, where it held meetings with Egyptian officials in an attempt to reduce the tension that recently arose in bilateral relations, against the backdrop of the military operation carried out by the Israeli occupation army in Rafah, as part of its war on... The besieged Gaza Strip.

An Israeli official, who spoke to the Walla website, said, “An Israeli security delegation led by senior Shin Bet officials is in Cairo today to hold talks with senior officials in Egyptian General Intelligence, in an attempt to resolve the crisis surrounding the Israeli army’s operation in Rafah and the closure of the Rafah crossing.” According to an Israeli source.

The report stated that “the talks held in Cairo aimed to calm tensions (in Israeli relations) with Egypt and warm relations,” which became tense following the Israeli army’s occupation of the Palestinian side of the Rafah crossing, and Rafah placed the Israeli flag on it after controlling it, which led to its closure since That moment.

Yesterday, Tuesday, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing Egyptian officials, that Egypt is considering reducing the level of its diplomatic relations with Israel. The sources indicated that the current crisis began when Israel notified Egypt, just hours before it launched the military operation and took control of the Rafah crossing, last week.

Egypt protested to the United States and European countries against the Israeli military operation in Rafah, saying that it endangered the peace treaty. This comes in addition to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ announcement, the day before yesterday, that it will join the case of South Africa, which accuses Israel of committing genocide at the International Court of Justice.

The surprise Israeli message, which was unexpectedly conveyed to Egyptian intelligence officials on May 6, came after months of negotiations between Israeli and Egyptian military and intelligence officials over the long-threatened Israeli attack on Rafah, where more than 1,400,000 people are seeking refuge. One thousand Palestinians.

Israel had informed Egypt of its plans regarding Rafah, and pledged to Cairo that the Rafah crossing, from which humanitarian aid enters the Gaza Strip and the crossing point, would not be affected, and that the Palestinians there would be given weeks to evacuate the area safely.

The newspaper quoted an Egyptian official familiar with the events as saying, “None of these pledges were implemented, as Israel gave us a very short deadline regarding entering the crossing.”


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An Israeli delegation visited Cairo in an attempt to calm tensions around Rafah