Wed 10 Apr 2024 6:23 pm - Jerusalem Time

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Hebrew media: Washington is leading the negotiations, and Israel has failed to deter and attack

Israeli media channels discussed the role that the United States is playing in the negotiations between the occupation and the Palestinian resistance. Analysts spoke about the chances of reaching a deal and called for keeping expectations low. They also pointed out that half a year had passed without Israel achieving any of its goals.

Channel 13 reported that the United States took the lead and exerted great pressure on the mediators, stressing that “the American offer that was put forward is broad in scope and includes a very broad mandate and includes all elements: moving army forces and the return of Gazans to the northern Gaza Strip.”

According to the same channel, Israel will receive - as it has requested for weeks - a list of the names of living prisoners who will be released in the deal, and in return it will show great flexibility in the issue of the return of Gazans to the northern Gaza Strip.

Tamir Hayman, head of the Institute for National Security Studies, suggests that Israel keep the ceiling of expectations low, adding, “According to the enthusiasm of the mediators, the American proposal requires broad concessions from Israel,” and he said that the United States was involved in this issue with its full weight.

Regarding the threats of Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and National Security and Itamar Ben Gvir, Mikhai Sheams, political affairs correspondent for Kan 11, said that Ben Gvir had previously threatened, perhaps 3,000 times, to dismantle the government if a deal was reached, and he wondered whether Smotrich, who supported the previous deal, would support it. Current deal.

In Sheams' opinion, the chances of reaching a deal are very weak, "because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not want to clash with many parties on the right."

On the other hand, Dan Murdor, a former minister from the Likud Party, believes that “the real problem of this government is the war that it is managing very poorly,” noting that Israel set goals and after half a year has not achieved them, as it has not recovered the detainees and has not undermined the Islamic Resistance Movement ( Hamas) and acknowledged that Israel “failed in deterrence, early warning, and attack.”

In the same context, Zvika Yehezkeli, Channel 13’s Palestinian affairs correspondent, said, “Going to a phased deal means that military pressure has perhaps completely failed to influence Hamas.”

In the view of Ronen Kanellis, a former spokesman for the Israeli army, Israel is abandoning all pressure tools.

Source: Al Jazeera


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