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On the anniversary of the founding of the Liberation Organization.. Reality and responsibility before the national movement

Last week coincided with the anniversary of the founding of the Palestine Liberation Organization, the moral, political, and militant home of our Palestinian people and the address of its unity, which was launched after the convening of the first National Council in 1964, for which the national movement prepared in Jerusalem, because of the meanings of history that this capital city carries from the first Canaanites to the present day, and what it constitutes of A meaning that reflects its position, its political identity, and its cultural and civilizational heritage for us, the people of the owners of this land.

Long decades have passed since that date, although the sacrifices of our people within the framework of their national movement had begun thirty years earlier, since the Al-Buraq Revolution, whose first centennial anniversary is approaching a few years later.
Today, after 59 years of foundation, the question remains: Where are we now and where are we going? Do we really know what we want and strive to achieve it according to what we know? In front of the clarity of our enemy’s strategy of implementing a continuous colonial approach, procedures and crimes under a Zionist consensus and official support from the West, in an effort to achieve new realities on the ground and gradually impose them on the world.

There is an urgent need in this context to know more about ourselves, specifically in these circumstances. There is no need for attempts to rediscover the sphericity of the earth by some to know the extent of the criminality of this occupation now. Since when was there a non-criminal occupation throughout history from its beginnings until its collapse?

Whenever we see more possibilities and capabilities that may be in part latent and related to what we want to be today after this long struggle, the closer we will be to our reality and to achieving the goals we want for which the PLO was founded.

But now, with the necessity of evaluating the march and what is happening today with the approach of six decades, and this is a duty in terms of what is dictated to us by national responsibility and the necessity of intellectual renewal. Instead of looking ahead to see what's going on.

Looking at things with their variables is the origin of access to knowledge, truth and development. There are those who do not see history in its dynamic movement, and they want it to remain still in contradiction with the laws of nature and development. And there are those who do not see new mistakes that are repeated from the past. We have the ability not to repeat them and now commit them again.

Decades have passed in which our people presented convoys of martyrs, wounded, prisoners and deportees. Decades in which political conditions and Arab regimes changed, and the world witnessed great changes that led to a change in the polarity of the world order, a change of players in the international arena, the occupation of the remaining lands of historic Palestine in 1967, and the consequent conditions. Following the expansion of completing this settlement occupation as a colonial tool in the region with the aim of adapting it in line with the interests of the colonial West.

Postponing reaching national solutions to a number of the challenges before us, and dealing with attempts to impose the West's policies with what is called the conflict crisis management approach without its radical solution, which the West, led by successive US administrations, is pursuing until today, especially in these international conditions accelerating towards the ongoing international change, has We entered previously and will enter us today if they were able to succeed in their attempts again in a dark tunnel at the end of which it may be difficult to see the light in their desire to preserve what remains of their domination and protect the project of the colonial occupation state despite some verbal remarks from them that do not change the determinants of the relationship between them.

The accumulation of the necessary conditions of political movement by taking advantage of the ability of our people to stand firm in resisting challenges, and based on adherence to the need to completely end the settler occupation and the colonial apartheid regime as one outcome upon which any possible political negotiation path is based upon the development of the transition towards the multinational system, but under international auspices far from The biased and implicated American monopoly is the most important thing today in exchange for any pressures on the PLO that would turn the wheel of history back by accepting cosmetics here or there in the face of this colonial occupation through what is called “rebuilding trust” or “improving the living and economic conditions of the population” or “preserving based on the existing historical situation, which they have been trying to change since 1928.

Confronting this requires adhering to the vision of ending the occupation first as the beginning of the path towards what will take us later to the possibilities of peace, the steadfastness of our people and enabling them to live decently and our adherence to our land and the restoration of confidence between the base of the various components of society and the leadership and the adoption of measures that enhance democratic mechanisms and popular participation and its role as a source of powers and their separation, and the escalation of popular resistance In deed, not in word, which was approved by international laws for peoples subject to colonialism, and to work to disengage from the occupation in all its meanings, and to define the existing relationship with the occupation on the basis of contradiction and conflict, according to the decisions of the successive sessions of the Central Council of the PLO.

And this must be accompanied by expanding the base of our alliances with peoples, progressive forces, supporters of freedom, democracy and peace in the world, and countries advocating our national rights and issues of justice and peace, especially with the current transformations in world public opinion regarding the image of Israel today.

It is also important now to get close to the emerging economic blocs, especially with the beginnings of the emergence of the new international order, whose repercussions we are beginning to see in the region. Also, paying attention and working hard to the importance of strengthening our national unity within the framework of the PLO, whose youth base must be expanded from the new generation that has become unorganized in this stage, in addition to assimilating the trade union sectors and broad civil society institutions due to their role and the societal changes taking place, without limiting them to the national action factions on the importance of their militant role, although the programs of some of them have become calcified today and their effects in our society are declining. And the vitality in it as a moral unit in the absence of the state, and as a title for national liberation and democratic construction and the unification of its liberation discourse before the world, far from continuing the language of statements or holding the responsibility in front of the continuation of the daily crimes committed.

The Liberation Organization, which is targeted with its history and revolutionary heritage today, is before it was the only legitimate representative of our people in all its places of existence, and it enjoys this global status since Rabat and the Assembly of Nations when the immortal leader "Abu Ammar" carried the olive branch to it in one hand and the gun in the other, after which it reaped international recognition She is the leader of the struggle in the stage of national liberation until we reach the end of the occupation towards the right to self-determination, national independence, freedom, the return of our refugees, victims of the Nakba crime, in accordance with Resolution 194, and the release of prisoners and the bodies of martyrs from graves of numbers and refrigerators.

The Liberation Organization is the one who preserved the path of revolutionary national action with its progressive human dimension and our multiple and harmonious culture at the same time, and the dispute within the framework of unity.

It is the title that we must continue with as a unitary, democratic, militant, renewed and interactive framework in waging our battles on the various fronts, on the ground and in international forums, to present the occupying state as a criminal, racist, colonial regime that practices ethnic cleansing and does not seek peace.


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On the anniversary of the founding of the Liberation Organization.. Reality and responsibility before the national movement