Mon 17 Jun 2024 11:56 am - Jerusalem Time

Demonstrators block the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and protests against Netanyahu escalate

Israeli demonstrators closed major roads in Tel Aviv and its environs and other cities in Israel, as part of protests demanding the resignation of the far-right government headed by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Al Jazeera's correspondent said that the demonstrators blocked the main road linking occupied Jerusalem to Tel Aviv, while Israeli media said that Israeli demonstrators blocked main roads in the cities of Jerusalem and Herzliya, demanding elections.

According to the Hebrew Walla website, other demonstrators closed the second highway in the city of Herzliya, and the demonstrators also obstructed traffic at the Gazit Junction on Highway 65 south and at the Yavor Junction near the city of Acre.

Activists and journalists published various scenes on the X platform of the ongoing protests for the second day in a row.

According to the Walla website, the demonstrations are expected to continue throughout the day, and will be followed by an evening demonstration in front of the Knesset, followed by a protest march that will head to the Prime Minister’s house on Gaza Street in occupied Jerusalem.

Al Jazeera's correspondent said that the Israeli police sent large reinforcements to the occupied city of Jerusalem and closed Gaza Street, where Netanyahu resides, in anticipation of the demonstrations expected this evening.


This comes at a time when the organizations leading the protests in Israel announced the escalation of their movement and demonstrations against the Israeli government, as they announced a full week of protests, during which they will call for the overthrow of the government and the holding of early elections.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said that the Brothers in Arms organization, which includes former soldiers in the Israeli army, called for these protests.

Leaders of the organizations leading the protests against the far-right government said that their primary goal is to press for setting a date for early elections as soon as possible, forming a civil front against the government, and returning Israeli prisoners from the Gaza Strip.

Observers expect that the popular movement will gain great momentum, especially after the withdrawal of the state camp from the Israeli emergency government.

After a temporary truce that resulted in the exchange of prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance for Israeli prisoners who were being held in the Gaza Strip late last year, estimates still indicate that there are more than 120 Israeli prisoners in Gaza, while the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) announced the killing of more than 70 Israeli prisoners in raids. Random attacks by the Israeli occupation forces on the Gaza Strip.


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Demonstrators block the streets of Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and protests against Netanyahu escalate