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Jerusalem Post: This is how the Gaza war changed Netanyahu’s features

The Israeli newspaper Jerusalem Post published a report on the impact of the Al-Aqsa flood and the war on the Gaza Strip on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, by reviewing his facial features and photos taken of him.

The newspaper said in its report that it showed two pictures of Netanyahu, one 9 days before the war and the other 4 months after the war, to expert Tami Elashvili, who it said was the innovator of the methodology for analyzing people through facial features.

According to Elashvili, Netanyahu appears “less pessimistic, with thick eyebrows indicating self-confidence and charisma” in the photo taken before the war.

While the photo taken after the war shows “his eyebrows are so thin that they are almost non-existent, and this indicates the effects of severe trauma.”

The picture also shows that “his eyes are raised upward, and the lower part is white, which indicates severe pressure.” Also, “the sides of the lips indicate a more fundamental pessimism than before the war. The eyes droop and narrow,” which indicates that Netanyahu is “emotionally broken, and his broad, square chin that characterizes people with key administrative roles has shrunk.”

According to Elashvili’s analysis, “Before the war, Netanyahu’s hair hid the front, and after the war it became more exposed.” After the seventh of last October, “he became very thin, and thus his face tended to be triangular in shape.”

The specialist’s analysis indicated that “the untidy eyebrows indicate that he is mentally and emotionally distracted.” Before the war, he was taking care of them, but now “they are not like that,” which indicates that Netanyahu before the war was “very focused, and knew what he wanted and what he intended to do.” “.

The newspaper’s report indicates that Netanyahu is known to “know how to express himself and his thoughts, but the matter is different now,” which indicates that he is “terribly emotionally and mentally distracted, does not know how to do things, and is in a whirlwind inside himself.”


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Jerusalem Post: This is how the Gaza war changed Netanyahu’s features