Fri 21 Jun 2024 5:53 pm - Jerusalem Time

Mutual attacks between Hezbollah and Israel on the border

On Friday, Hezbollah announced the implementation of several military operations, some of which were assault marches on Israeli army positions, while the latter bombed towns in southern Lebanon, leading to a house fire.

The party said in a statement that it "carried out an air attack with a squadron of assault marches on the Ras al-Naqoura naval site, targeting the locations and settlements of enemy officers and soldiers, and hit its targets accurately."

It added, "The operation caused confirmed injuries and destroyed part of the site." ‏

The party stated in another statement that it launched "an air attack with a sweep march that targeted the Israeli enemy's artillery position in Zaoura and hit its target accurately." ‏

It explained that his members "targeted the sites of Ruwaisat Al-Qarn in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms and Al-Ramtha in the occupied Lebanese Kfar Shuba hills with missile weapons and hit them directly."

The party's fighters also targeted "the two sites of Al-Samaqa in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kafr Shuba and Zibdin in the occupied Lebanese Shebaa Farms with missile weapons and hit them directly," according to a party statement.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli side on Hezbollah's statements until 13:55 (UTG).

For its part, the Lebanese News Agency reported that "the outskirts of the town of Naqoura in the western sector were exposed to hostile artillery shelling. The bombing targeted a house, causing fire to break out inside it."

The agency noted that "Israeli artillery shelling targeted the Hura area between Dermamas and Kafr Kila in southern Lebanon."

It indicated that the Israeli air force “raid with a drone in the morning on the town of Wazzani, and is now carrying out a sweep operation with machine guns towards the town.”

In the early hours of dawn, Israeli aircraft raided the towns of Deir Saryan and Rab Thaleen in the Marjayoun district, without causing casualties, according to the agency.

In recent weeks, the “Blue Line” separating Israel and Lebanon has witnessed a remarkable escalation, and the United States has repeatedly called for it to be contained.


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Mutual attacks between Hezbollah and Israel on the border