Wed 19 Jun 2024 11:14 am - Jerusalem Time

Netanyahu: I tell America as Churchill told it in World War II..

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday that it was “inconceivable” for Washington to withhold weapons and ammunition from Israel, in light of its ongoing war on the Gaza Strip, which has killed and injured more than 120,000 people.

Netanyahu said in a video statement, in which he spoke in English, issued this evening: “When Secretary (US Secretary of State Anthony) Blinken was here recently in Israel, we had a frank conversation, and I said that I greatly appreciate the support that the United States has provided to Israel since the beginning of the crisis.” the war".

Netanyahu added: “But I also said something else. I said that it is inconceivable for the American administration, in recent months, to withhold weapons and ammunition from Israel.”

Netanyahu stated, “Israel, America’s closest ally, is fighting for its life, fighting against Iran, and against our other common enemies.”

Netanyahu said that Blinken informed him that the US administration is “working day and night” to remove obstacles related to sending weapons to Israel, adding: “I certainly hope that this is the case, and it should be the case.”

He added: "Churchill said to the United States, during World War II: Give us the tools, and we will do the job. And I say: Give us the tools and we will finish the job much faster."

Earlier today, a senior Israeli official said that Israel will not stop its war on Gaza after the end of the Rafah invasion, and that “Israel will continue to wage an intense and effective military campaign. The army has prepared to continue military operations after the end of the fighting in Rafah as well, and Israel will remain in Gaza.” As reported by Israeli media.

The Israeli official considered that "stopping the war in advance means resolving the fate of the kidnapped people, that is, the men, and returning the bodies. Therefore, stopping the war completely and withdrawing the Israeli army forces from the Gaza Strip is only possible within the framework of negotiations and after establishing systems that allow ensuring that the agreement is fully implemented."


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Netanyahu: I tell America as Churchill told it in World War II..