Tue 18 Jun 2024 7:05 pm - Jerusalem Time

Netanyahu: Blinken confirmed Washington's work to remove the arms embargo on Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed on Tuesday that US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken confirmed, during his visit to Tel Aviv last week, that the US administration is working to resolve the issue of withholding weapons and ammunition from Israel.

On June 10 and 11, Blinken visited Tel Aviv as part of a Middle Eastern tour that also led him to Jordan and Qatar, as part of efforts to reach a ceasefire agreement in Gaza, the day after the Security Council adopted a draft American resolution supporting President Joe Biden’s proposal in this regard.

Netanyahu said in a statement, a copy of which his office sent to Anadolu: “When Secretary Blinken was recently in Israel, we had a frank dialogue, and I said that I greatly appreciate the support that the United States has provided to Israel since the beginning of the war.”

He added: "But I also said that it is unreasonable for the American administration in the past few months to withhold weapons and ammunition from Israel."

He added: “Israel, which is the closest ally of the United States, is fighting for its life, and is fighting Iran and our other common enemies,” as he put it.

He continued: "Secretary Blinken assured me that the (American) administration is working day and night to remove these obstacles. I certainly hope that this is the situation. It should be the case."

According to the same statement, Netanyahu pointed out that “during World War II, Churchill said to the United States: Give us the tools (weapons needed for war) and we will do the job. And I say: Give us the tools and we will finish the job much faster.”

Netanyahu did not specify the type of weapons that Washington is withholding.

Since the beginning of the war on Gaza on October 7, the United States has sent large quantities of weapons and explosives to Israel, according to Israeli and American data.

Despite the military superiority in equipment and numbers, and even in the necessities of life and steadfastness, Israel continues to request more support to complete a war that did not succeed in achieving the goal of eliminating the Palestinian resistance factions in the Gaza Strip, even after 9 months of brutal bombing.

US President Joe Biden previously suspended an arms deal to Israel due to its failure to protect civilians, according to what he claims to be keen on doing.

In early June, Israel signed a deal to buy 25 American F-35 fighter jets worth $3 billion, according to a statement by the Israeli Ministry of Defense reported by the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz.

Last April, Biden signed an aid package for Israel amounting to $26.4 billion, including $14 billion in military aid.


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Netanyahu: Blinken confirmed Washington's work to remove the arms embargo on Israel