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A Jerusalem Post writer talks about Israel's strategic dilemmas

The Israeli newspaper "Jerusalem Post" published an article about what its writer called the "strategic dilemmas" facing Israel and the internal uncertainty surrounding the Israelis.

Susan Hatice-Rolfe, a lecturer in international relations at the Hebrew University in occupied Jerusalem, summarized these dilemmas in the issues of Israeli detainees held by the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and tens of thousands of Israelis who were evacuated from northern Israel, the fate of Hamas and the administration of Gaza after the war there, and the growing hostility to the Israelis. Abroad, the gradual deterioration of the economy and the downgrade of Israel's credit rating, and the poor performance of the government, with no elections in sight.

Attack on militias in Iraq

The writer also touched on the attack on a camp of “Iraqi militias loyal to Tehran,” which coincided with Israel’s attack on Iran, and both Israel and America denied their involvement in it, saying that who was responsible for that attack remains a mystery and “left us with an unclear picture of the events and how they are all interconnected or they don't correlate with each other."

Regarding the issue of Israeli detainees in Gaza, the writer said that it is not known to date how many are still alive and why more of those alive have not been returned, and whether the government is responsible in any way for that.

Displaced people from northern Israel

The writer addressed the issue of those evacuated from the areas bordering Lebanon, saying that their situation appears much worse than the situation of those evacuated from the border area with Gaza, adding that it is said that the majority of these people will never return to their homes in the northern region.

In this regard, the writer wondered about the fate of the town of Metulla, located in the far north of Israel, which until just over 6 months ago was a quiet resort and is now almost completely deserted and has a feeling of desolation, and she expressed her sadness about that.

She said that there is a feeling of instability and lack of clarity in Israel today in general regarding the northern front. There is ongoing sporadic fighting between Israel and Hezbollah that “could deteriorate into a full-scale war” and there are no official talks at the moment to deal with this situation.

More question marks than answers

The writer said that there are more question marks than answers regarding the possibility of an Israeli ground operation to occupy the city of Rafah, “which will enable Israel to eliminate the remaining Hamas forces, or with the lack of complete clarity regarding the future management of the Gaza Strip, the situation appears very bleak.”

She added that the growing hostility towards Israelis abroad, including the deployment of various forms of boycott on Israel, the gradual deterioration of the Israeli economy, as well as the credit rating downgrade by Standard & Poor's several days ago, and the poor performance of the government, with no elections on the horizon, adds to the feeling of instability and uncertainty in Israel, according to the author.

Source: Jerusalem Post


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A Jerusalem Post writer talks about Israel's strategic dilemmas