Sat 15 Jun 2024 11:09 am - Jerusalem Time

For the first time since the Nakba, the Gaza war deprives students of the high school exam

The ongoing Israeli war on the Gaza Strip has cost school and university students an entire academic year, especially high school students (Tawjihi) in the Strip.

According to figures from the Palestinian Ministry of Education and Higher Education, the number of students registered for the high school exam in the Gaza Strip amounted to only 1,119 students, out of about 40,000 high school students.

More than 5,000 school students were martyred, as were 240 school teachers, and thousands were injured, according to statistics from the government media office in Gaza.

According to the same source, more than 625 thousand students had gone to school at the beginning of the academic year (2023-2024), where they were now deprived of everything (food, safety, health, education, etc.), and their schools were turned into rubble by targeting them or shelter centers to which they fled. Who is left alive?

The Israeli bombing - which has not stopped in the Gaza Strip since last October 7 - destroyed more than 110 schools and universities completely, and about 320 partially, while the total cost of damage to the education sector was estimated at 341 million dollars, according to the same source.

It should be noted that the Tawjihi exams in Palestine will begin on June 22 without students from the Gaza Strip, as about 40,000 students out of 90,000 will be prevented from taking the exams due to the war.
In turn, the Palestinian Embassy in Cairo decided to include some high school students from the Gaza Strip who were able to reach Egypt into the exam schedule, and announced the distribution of seat and committee numbers according to a specific order.


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For the first time since the Nakba, the Gaza war deprives students of the high school exam