Sat 27 Apr 2024 8:24 am - Jerusalem Time

Hamas receives Israel's answer regarding the Gaza war

Khalil Al-Hayya, deputy head of the Hamas movement’s political bureau in the Gaza Strip, announced last night that his movement had received the Israeli occupation government’s response to his movement’s response, which was submitted on April 13, regarding ceasefire efforts and reaching a prisoner exchange deal.

Al-Hayya said in a brief press statement that his movement will study this proposal, and if it is finalized, the response will be delivered to the mediators.

Yesterday, an Egyptian security delegation arrived in Israel and held important meetings with senior officials and the negotiating team in order to try to move the negotiations forward, amid talk of changes in Tel Aviv’s position on some issues such as the return of displaced persons and withdrawal from Gaza without stopping the war completely.


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Hamas receives Israel's answer regarding the Gaza war