Sun 01 Oct 2023 1:42 pm - Jerusalem Time

Poll: An Israeli majority supports normalization with Saudi Arabia

An opinion poll published by the Israeli Kan 11 channel showed that 56% of Israelis support normalization with Saudi Arabia, and 39% agree on the necessity of not signing an agreement that allows the Kingdom to enrich uranium on its territory.

The results of the poll revealed that 56% of Israelis support the normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia, 12% do not support it, and 32% do not know whether they support it or not. The results also indicated that 63% of the voters of the ruling coalition in "Israel" supported the agreement, and only 9% of them opposed it, while 67% of the Likud Party voters supported the agreement and 11% of them opposed it.

As for opposition voters, 58% support the agreement with Saudi Arabia and only 16% do not support it. Regarding not signing an agreement allowing Saudi Arabia to enrich uranium on its territory, 39% of Israelis supported this, while 28% opposed it.

The Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh had indicated in an article yesterday, Saturday, that “evidence indicates that the Kingdom is not in a rush to establish relations with “Israel” under American auspices.”

She explained that "negotiating to establish relations with Israel will go through stages, with another path being to prepare the appropriate ground for the agreement to be built on clear foundations, and each party will know what it has and what it is owed once it is completed."

In this context, the White House announced yesterday that “negotiations aimed at normalizing relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia continue to advance.” This coincides with statements by the Saudi Crown Prince, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, that Saudi Arabia is approaching the step of normalization with Israel, but he stressed the importance of the Palestinian issue for its negotiations.


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Poll: An Israeli majority supports normalization with Saudi Arabia