Tue 21 Nov 2023 4:04 pm - Jerusalem Time

South Lebanon: 8 Lebanese, including two journalists, were killed by Israeli bombardments

Al-Mayadeen Channel mourned the two dead correspondents, Farah Omar, and the photographer, Rabie Al-Maamari, who were killed as a result of an Israeli bombardment , on Tuesday afternoon, in southern Lebanon. A Citizen Hussein Aqeel, who was accompanying the press team, was also dead. This was preceded, on Tuesday morning, by the martyrdom of an elderly Lebanese woman in the town of Kafr Kila.

Eight Lebanese citizens were killed this afternoon, Tuesday, including two journalists and two civilians, in an Israeli bombing of the Tayr Harfa-Al-Jabayn triangle area and the towns of Kafr Kila and Al-Shaiyatiya in the south of the country.

The agency indicated in its statement that “enemy aircraft attacked inhabited homes in the town of Kafr Kila, which led to the death of the citizen, Laiqa Sarhan, 80 years old, and the wounding of her granddaughter, Alaa Al-Qassem (Syrian nationality), who was subsequently transferred to the Marjayoun Governmental Hospital for treatment.”

The Lebanese National News Agency reported this afternoon, Tuesday, that “four people were martyred inside the car that was targeted by the enemy in the Shaitiyya area.”

Israeli reports stated that an anti-tank missile fired from Lebanon hit a house in Metulla.

Arab reports indicated that "an Israeli warplane raided the outskirts of the town of Aita al-Shaab in the central sector of southern Lebanon, and another targeted the outskirts of the towns of al-Jabayn and Tayr Harfa in the western sector of southern Lebanon, and the vicinity of the town of Kfar Shuba in the eastern sector of southern Lebanon was also targeted."

It is noteworthy that sirens sounded in various areas in the Upper Galilee on Saturday morning, on suspicion of the infiltration of a drone from Lebanon, and later the Home Front announced that “the event has ended.”


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South Lebanon: 8 Lebanese, including two journalists, were killed by Israeli bombardments