Wed 20 Sep 2023 1:53 pm - Jerusalem Time

Google's Artificial Intelligence Tool is now Connected to Email, YouTube, and Maps

Google announced on Tuesday that its “Bard” program, based on artificial intelligence, can now connect to other services provided by the company, such as email, YouTube, and maps, in a new step within the technology companies’ race in this field.

A statement by the American group explained, “For example, if the user is planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, he can ask +Bard+ to collect dates that suit everyone in the Gmail email, search for flights and hotels, and check the distance between the destination and the airport in Google Maps.” And watching YouTube videos about the activities available there,” it added, adding that “all of this can happen in the same conversation.”

The giant Internet company has been working on creating artificial intelligence systems for years, but it was surprised by the success achieved by the “Chat GPT” program (created by Open AI) at the end of 2022 and the launch of the new “Bing” search engine from “Microsoft” in February.

At the same stage, Google launched “Bard,” which is a chat program capable of producing various types of texts (articles, advice, dialogues...) as soon as the user asks him to do so in a simple manner, similar to the way “ChatGPT” works.

The company indicated that the new tool, which was launched on Tuesday, called “Bard Extensions,” is also capable of extracting data from “Google Docs” and “Google Drive,” including documents in “PDF” format.

The new “Google It” click allows the user to compare the results provided by “Bard” with those found through the “Google” search engine for the same topic, and highlight any difference between the two results, if any.


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Google's Artificial Intelligence Tool is now Connected to Email, YouTube, and Maps