Wed 22 Mar 2023 1:09 pm - Jerusalem Time

Al-Atari: tax exemption for the vegetable sector and soon for livestock feed

The Minister of Agriculture, Riyad Al-Atari , announced an imminent government decision to exempt livestock fodder from taxes in marginalized areas targeted for settlement, which include about 80% of the livestock sector, after a previous decision taken by the government to exempt farmers in the vegetable sector.

This came in a speech by Al-Atari, in which he opened at the ministry's headquarters today, Wednesday, the meeting of the sectoral working group for agriculture, which includes government institutions, local civil organizations and international partners.

He said: There are two important decisions by the government: the first is to remove any taxes from farmers in the vegetable sector, and this has already been taken, and the second is a decision that is under procedures for approval, and it requires exempting all livestock breeders in marginalized areas from the tax on fodder, and these make up about 80% of the livestock sector. in the country.

Likewise, Al-Atari announced the lifting of protection on about 240,000 dunams that were classified as natural reserves, and opening them to investment in all sectors, including the agricultural sector.

He added: The committee in charge of following up the file has completed its work, and we await the approval of the Council of Ministers as soon as possible.

Al-Atari reviewed, before the committee, the reality of the agricultural sector, saying that its position has witnessed progress in recent years, thanks to local and international partnerships.

He said, "Despite the difficult situation we live in because of the occupation, especially under the current Israeli government, we continue to achieve great successes in the agricultural sector. The occupation not only controls lands and resources, but there are daily confiscations of land, attacks on farms and farmers, and the closure of crossings." In the Gaza Strip, however, we can say that we have reached an advanced stage in the governance of the agricultural sector.

The Minister of Agriculture reviewed a set of pillars on which the Ministry worked with its partners, which would make progress this year, thanks to local and international partnerships, and the support of the government, which has given this sector serious attention.

He said that the agricultural cluster plan continues to achieve successes, especially in the development of natural resources. During the past three years, we were able to reclaim 20,000 dunams, build 1,200 km of roads, increase water by about 1.5 million cubic meters, and plant about 1.5 fruit trees, focusing on species. subtropical.

Al-Atari pointed out that the activity of the Agricultural Credit Corporation was launched at a "high pace", as well as the Palestinian-Jordanian Company for Agricultural Marketing.

He said: 2023 will be the year of launching large infrastructure projects with the support of Arab funds amounting to 11 million dollars, especially for the development of the water and natural resources sectors.

The Minister of Agriculture suggested holding a special meeting of the committee in the Gaza Strip, to study and define priorities, with the participation of all relevant parties there.


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Al-Atari: tax exemption for the vegetable sector and soon for livestock feed