Tue 19 Sep 2023 4:19 pm - Jerusalem Time

Agricultural Relief launches strategic planning process for the years 2024-2028

The Agricultural Development Association “Agricultural Relief” launched a series of preliminary meetings for the strategic planning process for the years 2024 - 2028 AD, with the participation of the Board of Directors, Agricultural Relief crews, a group of grassroots institutions and associations, experts, protection committees, all actors in the agricultural sector, and a number of male and female farmers, with the aim of directing the future path of the organization during the years. The next four and to achieve the strategic goals and vision.

These efforts come within a series of stages through which the relief works to develop a strategic plan responsive to the great challenges facing the agricultural sector in Palestine.

Chairman of the Board of Directors at Agricultural Relief, Salam Al-Zagha, pointed out that strategic planning gains an important dimension in continuing to consolidate the scientific method in monitoring and developing the organization’s performance, which was built on the legacy of struggle linked to issues of liberation, democracy, and social justice.

He explained that Agricultural Relief is committed in its strategic plans to issues of agricultural development, sovereignty over resources, and building resilient, sustainable, and food-secure rural communities.

Al-Zagha stated that Agricultural Relief adheres to the values that govern its political and strategic work, which is built on an institutional culture that stems from belief and work in the values of transparency, justice, and volunteerism, as it is one of the basic values.

He pointed out that the goal of updating the strategic plan is to modernize and develop the institution, explaining that the growth of the institution is primarily dependent on the plan, its review and development by permanently reviewing the available resources.

Director General of Agricultural Relief, Munjda Abu Jaish, said that this step comes as part of the relief strategy to develop and improve its performance, achieve excellence in supporting and revitalizing the agricultural sector, and enhance the positive impact on society and the environment.

He continued that this step reflects Agricultural Relief’s commitment to continuous improvement and development, noting that it is an important step towards building a bright and sustainable future for the organization.

Abu Jaish stated that the new strategic plan works to define the main goals and guidelines that will guide agricultural relief efforts in the next four years, where the focus will be on promoting sustainable development and achieving a balance between the economic, social, environmental and development dimensions in all activities and projects.

He pointed out that the plan will include strategies to enhance excellence in all fields, improve advanced services, enhance innovation, and enhance environmental sustainability and the green economy. The strategic process will include a periodic evaluation of the plan’s performance and quality control to ensure achieving the desired results and overcoming changing challenges.

Abu Jaish pointed out that the new plan will include a set of specific strategies and resources allocated to achieve them, including developing work methods and improving internal processes. It will also focus on enhancing communication and cooperation between various departments and enhancing interaction with partners and beneficiaries.

Abu Jaish explained that agricultural relief plans will always emanate from the will of the farmers, their needs, and their rights on the land, and therefore agricultural relief is keen on the participation of male and female farmers in any planning process.

Through its strategic plans, Agricultural Relief seeks to advance the agricultural sector in order to achieve sustainable development.


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Agricultural Relief launches strategic planning process for the years 2024-2028