Sat 14 Oct 2023 7:16 pm - Jerusalem Time

Tarek Al-Akkad: APIC provides $250,000 in support to UNRWA in Gaza

Tareq Al-Akkad, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of the Arab Palestinian Investment Company - APIC, announced the company’s donation of $250,000 as urgent and emergency assistance to UNRWA as a contribution to supporting the relief efforts of our people in Gaza during the current difficult circumstances.

This donation comes in response to UNRWA's urgent appeal, which was published on October 11, regarding the urgent need to support its multi-sectoral humanitarian response over the next 90 days. APIC's support will contribute to securing the urgent needs of food, non-food, medical materials, shelter, and protection for our people in UNRWA shelters from various parts of the devastated and afflicted Gaza Strip, including attention to the needs of vulnerable groups, which include women, children, persons with disabilities, and the elderly.

Al-Akkad called on private sector companies to contribute to providing urgent support, each with the aim of contributing to the relief efforts in Gaza during what is truly an unprecedented human tragedy, stressing the need to mobilize maximum efforts to alleviate the suffering of our people and meet their basic needs, especially providing water, food and medicine.

For his part, UNRWA Commissioner-General Philippe Lazzarini thanked Mr. Tareq Al-Akkad and the Arab Palestinian Investment Company - APIC for their humanitarian and immediate response to support UNRWA. He added that this donation will help us continue to provide vital services to Palestinian refugees while the organization responds to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis in Gaza.


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Tarek Al-Akkad: APIC provides $250,000 in support to UNRWA in Gaza