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For the second day... Israeli settlers storm a Palestinian gathering in the West Bank

On Sunday, Israeli settlers stormed a Palestinian herding community near the city of Jericho, east of the West Bank, for the second day in a row, and seized 10 heads of sheep.

According to Al-Baidar Organization for Defending Bedouin Rights (a civil society), Israeli settlers stormed the Ras Ain Al-Auja area, north of Jericho, for the second time in two days.

The organization added that the raid included raiding livestock pens and seizing some sheep.

The organization’s general supervisor, Hassan Malihat, told Anadolu Agency, “A group of settlers stormed the Ras al-Ain community again, searched homes and sheep pens, and took about 10 heads of sheep.”

He added that the settlers "assaulted citizens and fired gunshots."

On Saturday, Al-Baidar Organization said that settlers attacked homes and sheep pens in the same community.

The organization added that the settlers "stormed homes and sheep pens owned by citizens Zahran and Jalal Rashaida, residents of the community, under the pretext of searching for stolen sheep, and searched pens and homes."

She continued, "The raid was led by the colonialist who is known for stealing Palestinian lands in Al-Auja Omer, and he has a palm and sheep farm in Al-Auja."

According to the association, about 1,000 citizens from Bedouin families live in the Ain al-Auja community.

Coinciding with the start of the war on Gaza on October 7, Israeli settlers expanded their attacks in the West Bank, and the Palestinian Wall and Settlement Resistance Authority (governmental) documented 221 attacks during last May.

According to the organization, “the attacks ranged from the occupation army’s participation and protection of the colonists in their raids on Palestinian cities and communities, to storming Palestinian villages and assaulting citizens’ property and writing racist slogans.”

The Israeli army also expanded its operations in the West Bank, leaving 553 martyrs, including 133 children, in addition to about 5,300 wounded, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health, and about 9,345 detainees, according to institutions specialized in prisoner affairs.

While the war on Gaza, which enjoys absolute American support, left about 123,000 Palestinians dead or wounded, most of them children and women, and more than 10,000 missing amid massive destruction and famine that claimed the lives of dozens of children.

Israel continues this war, ignoring the UN Security Council resolutions to stop it immediately, and the orders of the International Court of Justice to end the invasion of Rafah (south), and to take measures to prevent acts of genocide and improve the miserable humanitarian situation in Gaza.

Source: Anatolia


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For the second day... Israeli settlers storm a Palestinian gathering in the West Bank