Sun 23 Jun 2024 7:42 pm - Jerusalem Time

Canada suggests that Israelis immigrate to it...and half a million people left “Israel” in the first six months of the war

The Canadian state proposed to Israeli settlers to immigrate to its lands, due to the escalation on the northern front with Hezbollah, and the security threats that Zionist settlers have been experiencing for more than 8 months.

Canada's proposal to the Israelis came after it was impossible to evacuate them from the areas under the range of resistance missiles, and after Lebanese officials reported that American officials had assured them that the number of Israeli refugees from northern occupied Palestine due to the escalation with Hezbollah may exceed 200,000 displaced people.

According to analysts familiar with the Israeli situation, this news summarizes the tense internal situation in Israel, and indicates the assessment of Atlantic countries allied with the occupation, such as Canada, that the situation is miserable and frightening for them, to the point that the solution may be for a portion of the settlers to immigrate there.

Israeli media confirm that the situation in the north is unbearable for tens of thousands of residents who were not evacuated by the occupying “state.”

Israeli media confirmed that half a million people left Israel in the first six months of the war, at a time when immigration towards it became much less than it was before the war, amounting to about 2,500 immigrants per month.

In February, about 20,000 people left the occupied territories, and in March about 7,000 left, and by adding the arrivals and departures in April to the general number, the gap in favor of the number of exits reached about 550,000 thousand people, according to the Israeli media.

This trend during wartime joins the trend that was prevalent even before it (judicial amendments), in light of the deteriorating Israeli security, social, and economic conditions.

Immigration Authority data showed a sharp decline in Israeli travel and business trips abroad since the outbreak of war on October 7.

In conjunction with the battle launched by the Palestinian resistance, Israel recorded an increase in Jewish reverse migration, as the Israeli media spoke of a large number of Israelis who had left the occupied Palestinian territories since the beginning of the war.


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Canada suggests that Israelis immigrate to it...and half a million people left “Israel” in the first six months of the war