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"Le Monde": Netanyahu's behavior draws a clear horizon for the future, which is that "Israel" will remain in Gaza

In his opinion column in Le Monde newspaper, writer Alain Frachon said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is at the head of a ruling coalition that has only been held together thanks to the participation of extreme right-wing parties, is working to prolong the war in the Palestinian territories, and refuses without saying so explicitly. , the latest American proposals that were developed with Qatar and Egypt, and then approved by the United Nations.

Joe Biden proposes an immediate ceasefire, in exchange for the release of Israelis held by Hamas. Washington assumes that this expansion, with the exception of a few one-time operations, can only come through negotiations, which is what more Israeli demonstrators are demanding. Without going into details, Biden's plan then provides for a final cessation of hostilities, the withdrawal of the Israeli army from Gaza, and then a five-year reconstruction program for the devastated Gaza Strip, the writer points out.

Alain Frachon adds that whether independent or linked to the United Nations, local or international, all humanitarian organizations paint the same picture: hell on the shores of the Mediterranean. The population of Gaza faces catastrophic health and nutritional conditions, and malnutrition affects thousands of children.

But to this date, neither the Netanyahu government nor Hamas are ready to give their approval to Joe Biden. The Palestinian movement wants guarantees regarding a final withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza, while Netanyahu adheres to the same line: There is no discussion about the post-war period without achieving “complete victory” (which he did not specify) over Hamas. This is also the condition set by Netanyahu's extremist allies to keep him in power, the writer explains.

In other words, there is no point in planning what will happen in Gaza as long as the war continues. There is no need to respond to the exceptional behavior of the Arab countries - from the Gulf to Egypt - towards Israel. These countries are willing, under the auspices of the United States, to reform and strengthen the discredited Palestinian Authority, to help it administer Gaza and the West Bank, with the hope of establishing a Palestinian state in the medium term. But Netanyahu's coalition does not want this at any cost, and continues to settle in the West Bank, which is the territory that Israel intends to annex.

So the war will last for seven months to two years, as they say in the entourage of the Israeli Prime Minister. Netanyahu’s procrastination overcame the “war government,” which the centrist opposition representatives, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, had just left.

The writer believes that the position of the Israeli government paints a fairly clear vision for the future: Israel will remain in Gaza. Rather, the Israeli army remains in Gaza, required to monitor the population deprived of everything, while the last Hamas fighters will, from time to time, open fire on the occupying forces.

In Politico, journalist Nahal Tusi wrote: “Within two years, Gaza will become a maze of rubble, a vast refugee camp monitored by the Israeli army. In other words, Israel, even if it refused to recognize that day, would occupy the region. “Where tomorrow’s jihadists will be born.”

Joe Biden said in an interview with CNN on May 8, that he warned Netanyahu in October 2023: “Do not do like us in Iraq.” But he provided the weapons that Israel requested.

Today, the US President says: “I know that there are people in Israel, within the government itself, who will reject my proposal for a ceasefire and hostage negotiations. They do not hide this. They want to occupy Gaza, and they want to continue the war for years, and hostages are not a priority for them,” the writer points out.

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"Le Monde": Netanyahu's behavior draws a clear horizon for the future, which is that "Israel" will remain in Gaza