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Israeli media: The intelligence document about the October attack raises chills in its accuracy

The Israeli media highlighted the details of a document, allegedly in the possession of Israeli intelligence, warning of a possible attack by the Palestinian resistance to storm the Gaza Strip, but it was ignored. He also discussed the possibilities of escalation on the northern front, and the state of attrition in the occupation army, in light of its urgent need to recruit increasing numbers of reserves.

Regarding the document, Kan 11 reported that it had obtained “a document that raises chills in its accuracy in describing the extent of the knowledge of the army and intelligence services about the plan of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) to storm Israeli territory.”

She said that the document was drafted in the Gaza Division under the title “Detailed storming exercises from beginning to end” and distributed on September 19, 2023, noting that whoever wrote the document “addressed the details of a series of training exercises for the elite unit in Hamas.”

She added that the Israeli intelligence personnel who followed the training "developed the next steps after storming Israeli territory and taking control of the military sites."

The military sites being raided were also specified in this document, which Maswad, the political affairs correspondent for Kan 11, quoting Israeli officials, said, “was known to at least the intelligence commanders in the Gaza Division and the Southern Command.”

Itai Blumenthal, military affairs correspondent for the same channel, said that the Gaza Division prepared before the October 7 attack for “the most extreme scenario, which is dozens of saboteurs storming only 3 sites.”

According to Or Heller, military affairs correspondent for Channel 13, “The basic lesson from the events of October 7 is that after the war, army forces will be doubled on the Gaza border and on the border with Lebanon.”

As for Channel 12, it reported on the state of exhaustion in the ranks of the reserve forces, the army’s maximum alert, and a shortage of weapons and ammunition, in addition to the absence of American cover or from other countries.

The channel indicated through its guests that Israel needs a settlement in the north (Lebanon) without war, but before that it must reach a settlement in the south (Gaza) and return the prisoners.

For his part, Eliyahu Revivo, a member of the Knesset from the Likud Party, acknowledged that the current government coalition did not achieve any achievements and that most of Israel was stuck on many fronts, stressing the necessity of going to elections even if his party loses power.

Source: Al Jazeera


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Israeli media: The intelligence document about the October attack raises chills in its accuracy