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Haaretz: The amazing story of how Netanyahu planned to prolong the war in Gaza

An Israeli writer claimed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a secret consultation with strategic advisers a few days after the outbreak of war, telling them that his goal was to wage a long war to delay an investigation into his role in the military disaster and ensure the survival of his government.

Netanyahu admitted, according to the author, that the goal of destroying the military and authoritarian capabilities of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) is unrealistic, but any realistic goal would shorten the duration of the war.

Yagil Levy continued in an article in Haaretz newspaper that the Prime Minister asked the participants how to ensure that the center-left camp would not raise objections to the war if it continued and the price of blood rose to the sky, leading to its end, and that he received proposals to expand the government, stop the judicial coup, and obliterate the goals of the war. War, organizing a propaganda campaign to blame the center left and the army.

Advisor A argued - in the writer's view - that the basic strategy should depend on diverting the center-left's attention from the political goals of the war and its price, and therefore recommended "avoiding the return of detainees as much as possible, and carrying out rescue operations here and there, and limited deals with Hamas... while keeping The issue of detainees is on the political agenda.”

When the audience wondered about the meaning of his words, “A” explained, “There are already preliminary indications that this issue will quickly become the left’s main protest tool against the war, requiring deals and preparations for the mass release of Palestinian prisoners, but they will not propose ending the war in order to release a few.” Dozens of hostages before achieving the goal of destroying Hamas. Therefore, it is better for the left to focus on this issue rather than the goals of the war and how to achieve them.

“Moreover, the longer the war lasts, the number of living detainees will decrease, as will the number of parties involved,” the advisor quietly whispered. Riding the same wave, Advisor C said, “The issue of ultra-Orthodox Jewish recruitment will explode soon, and it is expected that the Supreme Court will take advantage of the war to develop a plan.” Recruiting more equitably. I suggest you do the opposite, which is to maintain inequality."

In response, Chancellor S asked, “Is this an issue that the center left will fight for, especially in wartime?”, to which Chancellor C replied, “I hope so. That is exactly the point because a discussion about burden-sharing would be better than a discussion about On the goals of the war. Let us leave the center left digging into its comfort zone, demanding that it bear the just burden.”

“R” asked, “What happens if this measure harms recruitment into the army?”, and “C” replied, “This also has advantages.” First, he will turn the fire on the army, which is struggling to recruit the evading left. Secondly, the army will try to adapt the war to the forces it has.”

Thus, the participants continued to put forward more proposals on how to undermine the internal opposition during the war and disrupt its ideas.

Here, the book concluded its article by clarifying that “what was mentioned in the above article is fiction, but it embodies a real reality.”

Source: Haaretz


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Haaretz: The amazing story of how Netanyahu planned to prolong the war in Gaza