Tue 18 Jun 2024 3:59 pm - Jerusalem Time

Palestinian PM: Israeli practices facilitated crime and threatened the lives of citizens

Prime Minister Muhammad Mustafa chaired a meeting of leaders of the security establishment, today, Tuesday, in the city of Tulkarm, in the presence of Tulkarm Governor Mustafa Taqatqa.

Mustafa confirmed that the meeting came under the guidance of President Mahmoud Abbas, and a message of support for our people in Tulkarm and the security establishment, in light of the comprehensive destruction that the governorate recently witnessed due to the practices and invasions of the occupation army of the city and the camps therein, and these actions worked to facilitate crime and threaten the lives of citizens, merchants, and the local community. .

Mustafa said: “We came today to deliver a strong message that we are with our people and will not stand idly by in the face of these crimes and actions, and to support the work of the security establishment and to continue its efforts in maintaining security, combating crime, and punishing criminals. We will not be silent and we will not allow crimes to continue in Tulkarm and the rest of the governorates.”

Mustafa added: "What is required of everyone is integration under these circumstances in order to protect political and national achievements, and preserve public security and the national economy. We reassure our people in Tulkarm that we will continue to support them to confront the occupation attacks."

The Prime Minister stressed that the political achievement has begun to be achieved, and international recognition of the State of Palestine is increasing, and that “with the unity of our people and their leadership, we will overcome the financial hardship that we are experiencing, despite Israeli practices at all levels, whether by withholding clearance funds and placing obstacles to the work of the Palestinian economy, We will reach safety through everyone’s efforts, and our confidence in God, our people, and our security institution is high.”


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Palestinian PM: Israeli practices facilitated crime and threatened the lives of citizens