Mon 03 Jun 2024 8:41 am - Jerusalem Time

The White House: Israel achieved most of its military objectives in the Gaza Strip

White House National Security Advisor John Kirby stated that Israel has achieved almost all of its military goals in the Gaza Strip, indicating that Hamas no longer has its previous capabilities.

He said in an interview with ABC News, according to US intelligence assessments, the Palestinian Hamas movement no longer has the military capacity to carry out a large-scale attack on Israel similar to the attack that occurred on October 7 last year.

He added: "We are not saying that Hamas has been wiped off the face of the earth. We are not saying that they do not pose a real threat to the Israeli people. Of course they do. However, they do not have the military capacity to do what they did on October 7."

The previous day, Qatar, the United States and Egypt called on Israel and Hamas to take steps to conclude a truce agreement in Gaza based on the plan proposed by US President Joe Biden.

Qatar, the United States, and Egypt consider Biden’s proposal a “road map” to establish a permanent ceasefire and resolve the crisis.

On Friday, May 31, 2024, US President Joe Biden presented a proposal aimed at a ceasefire, a prisoner exchange, and the reconstruction of Gaza, which consists of 3 stages.

The first phase includes a ceasefire, the release of a limited number of prisoners, and an Israeli withdrawal.

The second phase includes the release of all prisoners and complete Israeli withdrawal.

The third stage includes reconstruction and the return of bodies.

In response, the Israeli Prime Minister's Office said on Friday evening that Benjamin Netanyahu is determined not to end the war until all its goals are achieved.


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The White House: Israel achieved most of its military objectives in the Gaza Strip