Fri 24 May 2024 8:34 pm - Jerusalem Time

Israel attacks South Africa's lawsuit against it at the ICJ

On Friday, Israel attacked the accusations made against it by South Africa as part of a comprehensive lawsuit filed by Pretoria at the end of December 2023 at the International Court of Justice, accusing Tel Aviv of “committing genocide crimes” in the Gaza Strip.

This came after the Court of Justice issued, earlier Friday, in response to South Africa’s request, new temporary measures demanding that Israel “immediately stop its attack on the city of Rafah (southern Gaza Strip),” and to maintain the opening of the Rafah crossing (with Egypt) to facilitate Entering aid into Gaza, and submitting a report to the court within a month on the steps it has taken in this regard.”

A joint statement issued by the office of the head of the Israeli National Security Agency (Tzachi Hanegbi) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published by the office of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, claimed that the accusations made by South Africa against Tel Aviv at the International Court of Justice in The Hague of genocide are “false, shameful and disgusting accusations.”

The statement claimed, "Israel has not and will not undertake military activity in the Rafah area that creates living conditions that could lead to the killing of Palestinian civilians, in whole or in part."

He also claimed that "Israel will continue to make efforts that will allow the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip and work, in accordance with the law, to reduce the harm caused to the civilian population in the Gaza Strip."

According to the statement’s claim: Israel will continue to open the Rafah crossing (which it controlled and closed on May 7) and allow continued humanitarian aid from the Egyptian side.

Source: Anatolia


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Israel attacks South Africa's lawsuit against it at the ICJ