Tue 21 May 2024 4:56 pm - Jerusalem Time

Details of the American proposal for normalization with Saudi Arabia

A day after the White House announced “significant progress” in normalization talks between Israel and Saudi Arabia, Israeli Army Radio revealed new details about the American proposal presented by National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan to senior Israeli officials.

According to the report, the American plan includes normalization with Saudi Arabia while expanding the security alliance of the United States and the countries of the region against Iran, in addition to promoting the investment of billions of dollars in Gaza, with responsibility for the flow of that money.

The Americans will also promote a deal to release the kidnapped people, in addition to an agreement with Hezbollah in the north to prevent a large-scale war in Lebanon.

In exchange for the comprehensive deal, Israel will be required to stop the war in Gaza as part of the exchange deal, as well as announce activity to create a political horizon for a two-state solution. In addition, Israel will have to reach an agreement on a mechanism to administer Gaza, which would be neither a military government nor Hamas, but rather a civilian Palestinian administration in cooperation with countries in the region.

The American plan was presented in recent days to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and government officials, as part of Sullivan's meetings with the Israeli leadership. Israeli officials who attended the meetings said that Netanyahu did not reject the offer, but it cannot be said that there was agreement on all its details.


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Details of the American proposal for normalization with Saudi Arabia