Thu 16 May 2024 2:25 pm - Jerusalem Time

After American pressure.. Israel extends the water agreement with Jordan for only half a year

Israel has extended the agreement to double water supplies to Jordan, which was signed in October 2021, and expires this May. It stipulates that Israel sells to Jordan 50 million cubic meters of water annually at a reduced price, in addition to the 55 million cubic meters that Jordan receives. Free under the Wadi Araba agreement.

Although Jordan asked to extend the agreement for five years, the Israeli Minister of Energy, Eli Cohen, approved its extension for only half a year, according to the Ynet website today, Thursday.

Ynet indicated that Cohen intended to extend the agreement for a year, but after consultations he decided to extend it for only half a year.

The Israeli decision came in retaliation for Jordan's refusal to join the water-for-electricity agreement with Israel and the UAE, and because of the Jordanian position and statements by its Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, about the war on Gaza.

Since last March, Israel has refrained from ratifying the extension of the water agreement, and also rejected Jordan’s demand to extend it for five years, but the ratification now came after American pressure on the Israeli government to continue the agreement, as well as after Jordan’s participation in intercepting drones during the attack. Iranian attack on Israel, last month.

Cohen claimed, commenting, "The goal of Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran is to undermine stability and target Israel's relations in the Middle East. We will continue to use our natural resources in order to strengthen Israel's position in the region."

Israel submitted several requests to Jordan to negotiate with it to extend the water agreement. The Israeli demands, according to what the Israeli public broadcaster “Kan 11” recently reported, include reducing the severity of the statements of Jordanian ministers and representatives anti-Israel, and reducing “incitement against Israel” in Jordan. Tel Aviv also conveyed to Amman “a message about the importance of restoring relations between the two countries.” To normalize and re-exchange of ambassadors.


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After American pressure.. Israel extends the water agreement with Jordan for only half a year