Mon 22 Apr 2024 4:28 pm - Jerusalem Time

UN rapporteur: Gaza is unambiguously witnessing genocide

UN Rapporteur on the right to health, Tlaleng Mofokeng, said that Gaza is unequivocally witnessing genocide.

The UN rapporteur explained in a press conference on the health situation in the Gaza Strip, today, Monday, that Israel is systematically working to starve the residents of the Gaza Strip, deprive them of their rights, and impose famine on them.

She added that the health sector is devastated by the Israeli attacks, and there is destruction and killing of health personnel, in addition to the destruction of the headquarters of institutions and organizations working to deliver humanitarian aid, and the right to obtain health care is at risk.

She pointed out that Israel is destroying infrastructure and targeting health teams who work under difficult conditions with limited ability to access supplies, which does not allow them to adequately deliver health services.

She expressed her concern about the epidemics and diseases that are spreading in the Gaza Strip, the inability to access basic supplies and mental health services, and there are complex injuries and disabilities resulting from the weapons used by Israel.

She indicated that the aid being delivered now is not sufficient, especially in light of the genocide taking place, noting that there was a shortage of basic needs before the events of last October 7.

The UN headquarters stressed the necessity of a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, respect for international law and international humanitarian law, and the right to access health care.


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UN rapporteur: Gaza is unambiguously witnessing genocide