Mon 22 Apr 2024 4:47 pm - Jerusalem Time

Euro-Med warns of a health and environmental catastrophe threatening the residents of the Gaza Strip

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor said that civilians in the Gaza Strip are facing an unprecedented health and environmental catastrophe in the midst of the ongoing Israeli genocide for the seventh month in a row.

In a report on Monday, Euro-Med warned of the increasing risk of the spread of infectious and deadly diseases in the Gaza Strip, especially among vulnerable groups. The population faces an increasing threat in light of the spread of epidemics and infectious diseases due to contaminated water, overcrowding, high temperatures, the collapse of the health system, scarcity of medicines and sterilization supplies, and the spread and accumulation of solid waste, pointing out that children, especially newborns, the elderly, and those with chronic diseases, are the most affected by the health disaster. worsening situation in Gaza.

The observatory indicated that the population receives quantities of clean water much less than what they need, and the majority of them are forced to use polluted water that is not suitable for drinking, indicating that water pollution leads to the spread of diseases such as cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, and hepatitis, according to the World Health Organization, which has warned since Months of a comprehensive health and environmental catastrophe facing the residents of the Strip.

It stressed that the lack of fuel in light of the total power outage crisis led to the closure of water desalination plants and sewage plants, which increased the risk of the spread of bacterial infection.

The human rights observatory added that the accumulation of more than 270 thousand tons of solid waste in the Gaza Strip, according to United Nations estimates, and its spread in population centers, roads and hospitals, including sanitary waste, due to the destruction of waste management facilities and the waste collection and treatment system, constitutes an environmental and health disaster. It threatens to be another source of the spread of diseases and epidemics.

It also pointed out that the presence of thousands of corpses in the streets and under the rubble of homes, their decomposition, and being eaten by cats and dogs, constitutes an additional factor for the spread of epidemics and infectious diseases and their threat to public health and the environment.

Euro-Med stated that health authorities in Gaza have detected about one million cases of infectious diseases, without having the necessary medical capabilities to treat them, including thousands of people infected with viral hepatitis.

Another health disaster that the Observatory alerted to was the presence of tens of thousands of tons of explosives and bombs dropped by occupation aircraft on homes and the exhaust and smoke they left behind, in addition to what was reported about the use of smoke and phosphorus bombs, explaining that this would double the serious health and environmental destruction that has occurred for months.

It stressed that the ongoing Israeli military attacks have dire effects on public and environmental health, agricultural lands, water, soil and air quality, and the effects of this interact cumulatively and at a certain moment we can witness terrifying jumps in deaths.


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Euro-Med warns of a health and environmental catastrophe threatening the residents of the Gaza Strip