Sun 21 Apr 2024 3:05 pm - Jerusalem Time

West Bank: Israeli forces arrested 50 Palestinians during its aggression against Nour Shams camp

The Prisoners' Club said that the Israeli occupation forces, during their aggression that lasted for about three days on the "Nour Shams" camp, arrested 50 citizens, including wounded, the majority of whom were released after field investigations with them.

The Prisoner's Club added in a statement today, Sunday, that the widespread arrest and field investigation operations were accompanied by serious and horrific attacks and violations against citizens, including using defenseless citizens as human shields and hostages, severely beating them, stripping them naked, and using shackles as a tool to torture detainees, and the torture operations were abandoned. The abuse had clear effects on the bodies of the detainees who were later released, in addition to threats and intimidation, most notably the threat of shooting them.

It explained that Tulkarm Governorate and its two camps (Nour Shams and Tulkarm) witnessed several invasions after the 7th of October, during which the occupation army carried out crimes and widespread arrests, the largest in the governorate since the Al-Aqsa Intifada, and arrests amounted to no less than 500, in addition to To the hundreds of citizens who were subjected to field investigation operations, which targeted all groups, including women, children, the elderly, the wounded, and the sick.

According to the data available to the Prisoner’s Club, the number of those detained by the occupation from the “Nour Shams” camp during the incursions is no less than (100) citizens of the camp only.

The institutions specialized in prisoner affairs have obtained numerous testimonies regarding the abuse and torture to which citizens were subjected during their detention and interrogation during previous incursions into the governorate, which reflected a high level of torture, abuse and serious violations.

The Prisoner's Club confirmed that what Tulkarm Governorate is witnessing is nothing but an extension of a series of widespread invasions it has been subjected to for more than two years, the largest and largest since the Al-Aqsa Intifada, and the occupation army deliberately carried out widespread destruction operations and targeted the infrastructure mainly in its two camps.

It pointed out that the Israeli occupation authorities continue to carry out massive arrest campaigns in the West Bank, including Jerusalem, as part of the genocidal war that the occupation continues to carry out against our people in Gaza, where arrests in the West Bank after October 7 exceeded no less than (8,400). It was accompanied by widespread crimes and field executions, affecting all segments of society.

It stressed that all the policies, procedures and crimes implemented by the Israeli occupation forces at their various levels come within the framework of its comprehensive aggression and ongoing genocide against our people in Gaza. These are historically consistent and systematic policies that the occupation has used over many decades. 

The Prisoner’s Club called on international human rights institutions, led by the United Nations, to restore their necessary and required role and bear their responsibilities in the face of the intensity of the occupation’s crimes that have been continuing for decades and with the support of international powers, stressing that the fate of the international human rights system today depends on its ability to confront the occupying state, which deals with it as if it is superior. All international norms and laws governed by human society.


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West Bank: Israeli forces arrested 50 Palestinians during its aggression against Nour Shams camp