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Niklavich: All presidential decisions in Russia are directed towards the necessity of establishing a Palestinian state

The head of the Russian Center for the Preservation of the Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of the City of Jerusalem, Sergei Niklavich, confirmed that all presidential decisions in Russia are directed towards the necessity of establishing a Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital and for its people to enjoy freedom and independence, appreciating the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin in support of the Palestinian cause, and that he is continuing his supportive approach for the Palestinian right.

He pointed out in an interview with the “With the Editor-in-Chief” program on Palestine TV that the relationship between President Mahmoud Abbas and his counterpart Vladimir Putin confirms the Russian position in support of the Palestinian cause and the necessity of it achieving independence, pointing to the signing of many agreements between the two countries and the continuation of this trend despite the Israeli side’s attempt of obstructing the signing process and creating an unhealthy atmosphere for Russian-Palestinian relations.

He stressed the need for the United Nations and international bodies to take rapid measures to stop the genocide against the Palestinian people, considering the continuation of the war in the Gaza Strip to be evidence of the double standards followed in the world.

He stressed the need for the Russian and Chinese positions to meet at the UN Security Council level to stop the Israeli attacks and stop the killing and destruction to which the Palestinian people are exposed, so that peace and security prevail in the region.

He said: "Palestine is the land of multiple religions, and this forces the world to work to stop this occupation, whether through cultural activities or educating people about the necessity of supporting the Palestinian people and their right to get rid of the occupation."

Niklavic stressed that his country adheres to its position that supports Jerusalem remaining the center of the holy places for Muslims and Christians, and cannot accept that only Jerusalem is Jewish. He said: “East Jerusalem can only be recognized as the capital of Palestine, and peace and security will not be achieved in the world as long as a permanent solution is not found.” for the Palestinian issue.

He pointed out that the establishment of the Jerusalem Center in Moscow came to preserve the Islamic and Christian holy sites and historical places, pointing out that it is not easy to continue preserving these holy sites as long as the occupation continues. He said: “We trust the ability of the Palestinians, their willpower, and their modest capabilities to move towards liberating the country from this Occupation.

He stressed the illegality of building settlements and the necessity of stopping settlement and providing security and freedom for Palestinian citizens residing in the region.

Regarding the war launched by the occupation government against the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Refugees (UNRWA), he said: “Israel is living a testing moment today as it is trying hard to stop all aid to the Palestinian people, and is obstructing the work of all international organizations in Palestine, including UNRWA, and fighting the provision of material and non-material aid.” "The financial situation of refugees, and we cannot remain silent about this."

Niklavic considered that what is happening in the world in terms of movements and organizing marches in support of the Palestinian right, and pressure campaigns to mobilize support for the Palestinian cause, are nothing but a blow to Washington and Tel Aviv as they do not support the Palestinian right.

He said: “We support the positions of all countries that stand by the Palestinian cause in order to achieve independence and achieve security and peace in the Middle East,” appreciating the position of South Africa, which filed a lawsuit against Israel in the International Court of Justice, stressing the need for other countries to follow suit. .

In a related context, he affirmed the Russian Orthodox Church’s great support for the Palestinian cause and its firm position that will not change, and said: “We are performing what God asks of us regarding the city of Jerusalem.”


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Niklavich: All presidential decisions in Russia are directed towards the necessity of establishing a Palestinian state