Wed 28 Feb 2024 7:12 am - Jerusalem Time

Netanyahu responds to Biden about ending the Gaza war prematurely

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to US President Joe Biden following the latter's statements in which he said that "a ceasefire will be reached in Gaza by next Monday."

Commenting on this, Netanyahu said: “Since the beginning of the war, I have been leading a diplomatic campaign to prevent pressures aimed at ending the war prematurely, and to secure strong support for Israel.”

He added, "We have achieved great success...and today an opinion poll conducted by Harvard University was published showing that 82% of the American public supports Israel."

He added, "Which means that four out of five American citizens support Israel, not Hamas."

The Israeli Prime Minister stressed that this would help them continue the campaign until complete victory was achieved.

Earlier, an Israeli source told ABC News that Benjamin Netanyahu was surprised by President Joe Biden's statements about reaching a ceasefire in Gaza "by next Monday."

Biden announced earlier on Tuesday that Israel had agreed to stop its attack in Gaza during the month of Ramadan as part of a ceasefire agreement being negotiated.

In response, an Israeli political source told ABC News that Netanyahu was "surprised" by the US President's statements.

He considered that Hamas' demands in the ongoing negotiations "are still fictitious," noting that "military pressure and firm negotiations have helped free 112 hostages so far, and Israel will return the remaining hostages to their homeland."

He added: "An agreement was reached in November, and another agreement can be reached once Hamas becomes realistic, and Hamas's demands are still fictitious."


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Netanyahu responds to Biden about ending the Gaza war prematurely