Sun 25 Feb 2024 5:13 pm - Jerusalem Time

War on Gaza: 7 new massacres, raising the death toll to 29,692

The Israeli army committed 7 massacres against families in the Gaza Strip, claiming 86 killed and 131 injuries during the past 24 hours, bringing the death toll to 29,692, and about 699,879 injuries, according to data from the Ministry of Health in Gaza on Sunday.

The war on Gaza entered its 142nd day, as the Israeli army continued its ground and air operations, at a time when battles raged on the front lines, especially in the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, which is witnessing fierce clashes between Palestinian resistance factions and Israeli forces.

Israeli aircraft continued to launch violent raids on various areas in the Gaza Strip, especially in the cities of Khan Yunis and Rafah, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu renewed his threats to invade Rafah, saying that he was in the process of approving “operational plans” soon.

Israeli artillery renewed its bombardment of residential squares, populated areas, and the vicinity of shelter centers, resulting in the death of dozens and the wounding of hundreds, most of them children, women, and the elderly.

The Israeli army announced the killing of two soldiers, on Saturday, in battles south of Gaza, and that an officer and two soldiers were seriously injured, bringing the announced number of its deaths to 579 since last October 7, including 240 killed in ground battles inside Gaza.


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War on Gaza: 7 new massacres, raising the death toll to 29,692