Mon 19 Jun 2023 8:46 pm - Jerusalem Time

Haniyeh meets with the Secretary General of the Supreme National Security Council in Iran

Ismail Haniyeh, head of the political bureau of Hamas, and a delegation of his movement's leadership met, Monday noon, in Tehran with the representative of the Iranian guide, Brigadier General Ali Akbar Ahmadian, Secretary General of the Supreme National Security Council, where they discussed political developments in Palestine and the region.

During the meeting, Haniyeh reviewed the overall developments in Palestine and gave an explanation about the situation in Gaza and the Israeli policy of blockade and aggression. He talked about the details of what is happening in the West Bank in terms of Israeli plans and the escalation and growth of the resistance project and program, referring to the steadfastness of the people of Jerusalem, their jihad and their defense of Al-Aqsa and the sanctities, stressing The Palestinian people and their resistance are always ready to repel any aggression and thwart any plan of occupation. As stated in the text of a statement by Hamas.

He stressed the unity of the resistance factions and their joint decision, also considering the unity of the nation as a strategic weapon to confront its enemies, praising the Iranian-Saudi agreement, which comes within this framework. According to the statement.

He called for the need to invest in the regional and international scene and the retreat of the enemies of the nation in strengthening regional relations.

He added: "The escalation of resistance, the decline of the entity and its preoccupation with its crises are an indication of our approaching victory, which requires the nation to fulfill its duty towards Palestine and Jerusalem."

Haniyeh expressed his thanks to Iran for its efforts, role, and standing by the Palestinian people and strengthening their steadfastness, and said: "Without the Republic's support for our people and their resistance, the resistance would not have been able to achieve victories." He also congratulated Major General Ahmadian on his new position, praising his predecessor's role towards Palestine. As stated in the statement.

For his part, Ahmadian stressed the importance of the resistance project, and said: "The strategic path to the liberation of Palestine is the resistance," praising the unity of the resistance factions, considering that the victory of the resistance in Saif al-Quds constituted a strategic and historical shift for the cause and a pivotal importance for the nation. According to the Hamas statement.

And he considered that the consolidation of the unity of the Islamic world, especially the regional players, within the framework of the resistance project has strategic repercussions, stressing that the unity of the resistance constitutes a protection for it, which was evident in the recent battle in Gaza, as the support for jihad and the unity of the factions together thwarted the plans of the occupation.


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Haniyeh meets with the Secretary General of the Supreme National Security Council in Iran