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revolutionary doctrine

In the doctrine of the revolutions, the sacred tripartite (land - gun - liberation) is the original link that forms the bonds and governs the relationship between the sons of the liberation revolutions. Through this tripartite position, a collective awareness is generated that carries important and common concepts such as: the concept of land as matter and subject, the concept of the homeland as an identity and a historical right The concept of the gun as a tool and a means, and the concept of the principle, the fixed goal and its changeable..and as a whole they are sacred in the liberation culture in its collective sense, as its activation directly results in the concept of "revolutionary brotherhood" or what is known as "the brotherhood of the gun" and this concept takes precedence over the concept of "brotherhood by blood and lineage". "With what it imposes of a clash between the individual's awareness of liberation and the culture of liberation in order to achieve a state of freedom and independence on the individual and collective (popular) levels, which are the basis for the idea of ​​"man" as a free existence in this universe... Then the concept of "revolutionary brotherhood" imposes its progress on the concept of " Blood brotherhood "by virtue of the strong relationship that arises between the sons of the same revolution of different walks and nationalities, when they engage in one trench and unite as one body in the face of death, but one of them ransoms his brother himself and defends him from death with his chest and soul..! Then he does not leave him on the battlefield wounded, bleeding, nor a prisoner, bleeding patiently in his burdens..! This is what is supposed to be based on complete correctness in the essence of the thought of good and authentic revolutions, and everything that contradicts and contradicts this originality has deviated from the purity and integrity of the revolution and has been afflicted with an intellectual and mental leprosy that will inevitably result in schizophrenia and a gross defect in the aforementioned meanings.. It cannot be "Sincere revolutionary brotherhood" without willingness to sacrifice and sacrifice and to integrate the "self-ego" into the framework of the "collective ego", but more than that; The “self-ego” must be offered as a pure sacrifice on the altar of the “collective ego” if necessary and if necessity imposes its principles, and according to what is dictated by the constants and principles of the “sacred” ..!

This is what the people of the captive movement embodied in an actual way when they advanced on the fronts for the sake of the "holy" and faced death and captivity with their rebellious chests in order to preserve and defend the "collective ego" and defend it in order to enable it to move forward until the end of the journey..! They are fully confident and confident that this collective ego (the revolution) will remain pure and sincere in its work, thought, and tools until the end of the road, and there is no end except with the redemption and liberation of the "sacred" and it is in the case of our people (Palestine in its historical dress). There is no such thing as half a revolution, or what is known By resting a “revolutionary / revolution” .. This is nonsense, intellectual dementia, lack of vision, helplessness and paralysis of my currencies.. Whoever does this is like someone who shoots himself, or it is as Mao Zedong said: “Whoever makes half a revolution is like someone who is digging his own grave with his own hand.”

Then a revolution cannot fall into the trap of calculating “profit and loss” while it is at the height of its struggle. This is a trap of retreat and regression and then deviation from the path, and whoever falls into this trap will lose the most important elements and foundations of the real revolution (initiative, courage and redemption), without which there is no There is the so-called "revolution", and the revolution that adopts "hisba" as a principle and adopts it as a regulator of its actions and policies, it becomes a paper revolution that has no fangs and will have many programs and names and will be overwhelmed by the arguments of priorities, dualities and margins. She has, and this in itself is a toxic and dangerous scalpel that will tear her body and bleed her to the last drop of belonging!!

In the light of the foregoing, it is possible to understand the reality of the Palestinian revolution today and the rifts, divisions, and arduous turmoil that resulted in many of the principled papers and the disruption of its original foundations, to the point that the “sacred” became its consideration, until it was divided against itself in the essence of the “sacred” and its contents, and it became what is called its priorities. Vague and vague to the point of difficulty in defining it, and it is categorized in that, so what it declares “in words” it ignores in “actually and in deed.” An example of that is what is happening today in dealing with the issue of prisoners in the occupation prisons, who were the spearhead of its spear when the embers of its revolution and uprising ignited, and today they have become numbers and pictures stacked in the They are bound by long years of captivity, and they lose their lives and ages day after day, with the sword of waiting hanging over their necks for a lifeline that their revolution provides them with, which plunges them into the slumber of calculations and promises them freedom on the battlefield of political settlements, ignorant and deliberately blind to the origins of the revolutionary act that is carried out Generous freedom resulted for them, and he Basically, the sacred "brothers of the revolution or the comrades of the gun" who pushed them into the furnace of the revolution while they are confident that that sacred cannot be impure in the soul and spirit of the revolution, and that it will not abandon them in the event that they fall on the battlefield as captives, and it must do everything impossible Until you set them free..!!

The bottom line :

The revolution must awaken and carry out a conscious and responsible review of its actions and policies, and work with pure revolutionary professionalism towards the issue of prisoners, for this is the only thing that can bring about a radical change and correct the course, and thus it will result in a revolutionary liberation that leads to complete freedom.


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revolutionary doctrine


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