Sat 03 Jun 2023 10:08 am - Jerusalem Time

Between Turkish and Arab elections

The word of the Tunisian spread: “We grew old before we saw this day.” He rejoiced at what was called at the time the Arab Spring. Unfortunately, this spring was assassinated, and it is no longer spring or even autumn. These Turkish elections and our situation, we Arabs, are not hidden from anyone.

Turkey, under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his party, I believe, has succeeded in implementing the saying that was the basis for the progress witnessed by Japan and that their emperor said and moved them from defeat and backwardness after World War II to the success that it is witnessing. Take away from the West and pass it on.”

Today, Erdogan is proving to the West that he was not a follower of it, but that he has surpassed it, and the Turkish model has become a global model and a registered trademark that no one can dispute about. Indeed, it was a wedding in which the Turkish government and people achieved free elections and chose their president in the correct democratic way.

In front of this beautiful Turkish civilized scene, the Arab stands in a deplorable state. What do we lack in order to do what the Turks did? There is a long distance between the Arab ruler winning by 99.99% and the Turkish president winning by 53%, which is exactly the distance between the Arab ballot box and the Turkish ballot box, between truth and illusion, between honest and faithful implementation and between "twisting and turning" and stealing the people's choice openly during the day.

We Arabs rejoice, bless, and hope when we see a country from our Islamic world succeed in the democratic experiment, especially this impressive success. At the same time, our gaze turns back to our failed experiences par excellence, and two questions remain hanging in our Arab skies: When and how do we reach what the Turks and other successful democratic experiments have reached? Shall we adopt this Japanese saying: “Take from the West and bypass it” or do we insist on absolute blind dependence, devoid of sovereignty and decision-making, as none of the enemy camp wants us to choose our rulers freely, then we will achieve complete independence from them, politically and economically, and thus our markets will not remain It is wide open to them, and our politics will not continue to revolve around them.

The word “overcome him” contains the secret, as it means competitiveness and entering the race out of self-esteem and making our successes with our own hands and in our correct contexts. This means liberation from dependency and real independence and freedom for our peoples, and thus the ability to hold free and fair elections.

Human civilization is a natural extension and it comes based on those who preceded us, for they took from us and built on what the Arab-Islamic civilization reached at the time of its prosperity, and today to take what they reached is a must and in it is a continuation of the required human civilizational rise, but it remains how we take what and from a starting point Subordination or from a position of sovereignty, freedom and independence?

Our Arab peoples want this and hope that this day will come, but they still do not take the required action and do not find anyone to lead them in this path that will save us from the power of totalitarian rule and failed dictatorships.


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Between Turkish and Arab elections