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Joy in our home

The head of the Jordanian state, King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein, honored us with a generous dinner invitation, in honor of the wedding of Crown Prince Al-Hussein bin Abdullah, with wide sectors of Jordanians, including ministers, deputies, notables, parties, trade unions, municipalities, civil society institutions, and personalities with presence from cities, rural areas, deserts and camps. With a distinguished, unique and historical presence in number and representation, and a high-level performance, vigor and mobilization, by the royal ceremonies that oversaw, organized and succeeded in this festive gathering on an occasion that will have expected benefits and repercussions, even after a while.

The official celebration was organized, but what increased its supremacy was the manifestations of the spontaneous popular celebrations that included unlimited Jordanian sectors, from all locations and governorates, which recorded a referendum on the regime, the royal family, and the prince, the crown prince, and its reflection on his political future as head of the Jordanian state.
Jordanians celebrated for two reasons:

First, they returned appreciation and thanks to the head of state for the security they had enjoyed over the past years, after the explosion of the Arab Spring in 2011, which turned into a devastating bloody fall that swept Syria, Iraq and Egypt in the Sinai, in addition to the suffering and pain of the Palestinian people and the continuous intermittent outburst against the occupation and the rise of victims. Jordanians are the suffering of our brothers around us, in light of the stability and security they enjoy, and the success of the Jordanian state in preventing the infiltration of any terrorist act from outside the borders into Jordan, and blocking the way for latent cells internally, and this provided the Jordanians with security, tranquility and stability, so their response was with this bias and appreciation to the head of the state , and his crown prince.

Second: Jordanians celebrated the Prince, the Crown Prince, betting on their future with him, while sensing his simplicity, delicacy, and closeness to them, to the people, as was his grandfather, as he inherited from him the spontaneity and sophistication of dealing with the other.

Abu Al-Hussein addressed his guests at the massive dinner party on the evening of Wednesday, May 31, with a direct, spontaneous speech. He was the father who celebrates his son and his firstborn, and celebrates his guests with sophistication and polite dignity that is not devoid of royal specifications mixed with simplicity and Jordanian Arab traditions. Despite his status as king and head of state, his eyes almost overflowed with tears. Successive stations, as he witnessed the steps that culminated in the marriage contract and the completion of the prince's "half of his religion," as his father, Abu Al-Hussein, the king and head of the Jordanian state, said.

Princess Rajwa will face the challenge in order to be truly a Jordanian princess, as befits her as the wife of the Crown Prince. She will assume multiple responsibilities, serving the Jordanians, whether through the Crown Prince Foundation or any other position she occupies and seeks.

The two Princesses Iman and Salma behaved with their brother’s bride with excessive affection that amazed the observers, by accompanying her and facilitating her walk in her wedding dress, in Raghadan Palace, and it seems that this was intentional or intended, otherwise it would have been possible to provide escorts for the bride, but the two princesses stayed with the bride and insisted on accompanying her, the opposite The royal family's desire to show them the accession of a new princess, will have an affair with their brother: the crown prince.

Indeed, it was a historical joy that Jordan witnessed, because our people and our people deserve that.


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Joy in our home


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