Fri 02 Jun 2023 10:35 am - Jerusalem Time

New targeting of education in Jerusalem

The two bills, which were approved by the Israeli Knesset yesterday in preliminary reading, to tighten control over schools and teachers, primarily target schools and teachers in Jerusalem, as part of the occupation attack on the Palestinian curriculum and Jerusalem schools that teach this curriculum, which the occupying state considers a threat to the false Zionist narrative, in exchange for The real Palestinian novel taught by many schools in Jerusalem.

The aim of the two bills is also the attempts to impose the Israeli curriculum on the schools of occupied Jerusalem, after the occupying state failed in its attempt to familyize education in Jerusalem despite the methods it adopted in terms of financial inducements, and to raise the wages of teachers and workers in schools if they accepted to teach the Israeli curriculum, in addition to the willingness The occupying power to build new schools, instead of rented houses, which are devoid of amenities and heating, and most of them are in buildings inhabited by citizens.

It is true that the occupying state, or more accurately the Israeli Ministry of Education, succeeded in forcing some schools, which are very few, to teach the Israeli curriculum, but the parents and parents’ committees of male and female students refused and are refusing that, which led to many parents avoiding sending their children to these schools, which will be doomed Closing in front of the will of Jerusalemites who reject any alternative to the Palestinian curriculum.

The two bills also confirm the failure of the occupation state's policy of Judaizing Jerusalem and the Arabization of education, which prompted the occupation government to put forward the two bills, with the aim of attempts to pass its policy in Jerusalem, especially in education, which is the basis for preserving the Palestinian narrative and in preserving the awareness and memory of students from attempts Iron it and destroy it.

In addition to targeting schools and teachers in East Jerusalem, the two bills also target schools and teachers in the Palestinian interior. Otherwise, what does the text of the two bills mean that the Shin Bet intervened in the appointment of teachers as it was in the past, that is, before that was canceled in 2005?

The draft law also provides for not accepting teachers with a history of struggle or who were accused of opposing the occupation, which means placing or hiring incompetent teachers, which is what the occupying state seeks to do by weakening education in the Palestinian interior and in occupied East Jerusalem.

Employing incompetent teachers means the deterioration of education at home and in Jerusalem, in addition to what the Shin Bet is doing in imposing strict control over schools and hiring teachers. The two bills also stipulate that the Shin Bet and other education officials in Israel can dispense with the services of any teacher, or more accurately Dismissal of any teacher who does not abide by the decisions of Israeli education.

And just as the Jerusalemites thwarted all attempts by the occupying state to undermine education in East Jerusalem and the Palestinian interior, despite the threat made to several schools in Jerusalem to revoke their permits issued by the occupation, the Jerusalemites will fail the two bills, and the parents will continue to teach their children the Palestinian novel, refute the fake Israeli novel, and cauterize students' awareness.
The Palestinian who claimed the leaders of the occupation that the old are dying and the young are forgotten, so the new generation clings to Palestine more than the previous generation, and challenges the occupation to undermine its resolve and implant the false Zionist narrative in its mind. Nevertheless, the Palestinian side must confront the two draft laws with all available means and work to prevent them from being passed, as they are a new targeting of Jerusalem and its schools and teachers.


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New targeting of education in Jerusalem