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Crime in Palestine 48: If I did not cry...it would be amazing!

The Palestinians of 48 stand in the face of the Israeli policies of repression represented by a policy based on sticks and sometimes carrots, with the sole aim of pushing the Palestinians of 48 to surrender to the reality that the Zionist state wants for them, which is far from dealing with all “citizens of the state” on an equal footing. Israeli governments have always sought to contain and weaken the Palestinians of the 48, both politically and popularly, in an attempt to create and expand their state of familyhood.

In this context, the issue of violence and crime in the Arab community is related to the Zionist state's policy towards the Arabs, which puts them on the margins of Israeli society. Rather, it deals with it not only as an adversarial society, but as a hostile society. Today, the social scene predicts a catastrophe called “violence and arms chaos.” Honor crimes, ignorance, cultural, social and tribal rot, and all societal diseases (their number has reached 74 crimes since the beginning of this year, a significant increase over previous years) are caused by the occupation president, his facilities, his dissemination of mafias and drugs, and the ease of obtaining weapons and leaving the rope on the sidelines for more Palestinian bloodshed. It is noticeable that the large amount of weapons in the Arab community, which, according to the Israeli press, are of the type available to the occupation army and the Israeli security forces, which is difficult (almost impossible) to obtain. How did all this weapon arrive without supervision?!! Indeed, the settling of scores, conflicts and revenge operations have transcended the borders of historical Palestine, as happened recently in the case of the liquidation of a young man on the background of revenge and family disputes in Dubai.

For example, as every year, the budgets allocated to the Arab side in the new budget are firstly insufficient, and secondly, it is known, and also as every year, even if they set, for example, an amount of (X), but they spend a much smaller amount. Thirdly, criminal gangs that have become closer to “companies” pay people more than what the “state” pays for Arab budgets. For example, when the occupation recruited 3,000 Arab policemen, the last time, to combat crime in Arab society, 2,000 of them resigned.

The chaos of weapons, the spread of violence, and the facilitation of organized crime in Palestine 48 enjoy the support of the Israeli governments, and the Arab community there will not be able to deal with this disaster on its own, and it will not allow it even if it was able to do so. However, this does not negate the importance of focusing on the responsibilities of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories. Here we ask, with the love known to them, a question to the Palestinian leaders and to our people inside the Palestinian interior: Yes, we salute you and your struggles, but the struggle in the Knesset (the Israeli parliament) is not enough, just as the struggle to support the Palestinian national project is not enough despite the importance of all this support, and the struggle is not enough. In commemorating “Land Day” every year and sticking to the land, protests…etc. There is a major new responsibility for these leaders, and we would like to know what you think? And how do you want to handle this matter to be reassured? We are certain that it will be able to take concrete practical steps to address some of the existing imbalances. By God, the wasting of this precious Palestinian blood in this part of the cherished Palestinian homeland is a heart-rending waste! Especially that what is happening inside the 48 areas may extend to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip!! And if we are proud and proud of the martyrs of the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and we do not cry for them because they had the honor of being martyrs, then the shedding of Palestinian blood in the areas of 1948 makes the heart weep… “If I did not cry… then it would be amazing”!!!


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Crime in Palestine 48: If I did not cry...it would be amazing!