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Purity will remain the master of the situation and its title

What happened in Al-Ram stadium: exceptional, unacceptable, out of the ordinary, out of cordiality, out of the goodness of the relationship that unites us as Jordanians and Palestinians, east of the river with its west.

It is true that football does its worst, between teams and fans, between brothers, among the people of the same country, in the same country, in the countries of the world, skirmishes and assaults take place over the referee, over the players, and from the fans over the opponent’s fans, but the specificity between Jordan and Palestine Don't allow this.

What unites us is intimate, strong, and transcends results, matches and competition, and it exists, and sports competition is legitimate and required, but insulting, is rejected by anyone, for the Palestinian people are enough suffering and pain as a result of the occupation.

So I did not understand, I did not accept the circumstances of what happened in the Al-Ram stadium between the two football teams, and I do not think that there is a sane and balanced person who crossed his limits and did it. Al-Ram area in Jerusalem is still under the security occupation authorities, and it is classified in terms of security as belonging to the authorities of the Israeli military government, which makes suspicion and conjecture that an intentional Israeli intelligence act played its malicious role in the facts and scenario of the results.

Dozens of times, for the thousands of Jordanians in Palestine, whether in Jerusalem, the 48 areas, the Negev, Nablus, or Hebron, the Jordanian finds himself surrounded by high love and appreciation just because the Palestinian knows the identity of the Jordanian, so the welcome, appreciation, and honorable, spontaneous duty take place, in the streets of ancient Jerusalem, The lanes of Nablus, the houses of Hebron, the squares of Nazareth, the beaches of Jaffa, Haifa, and Acre. The Palestinian there finds his lung here in the Jordanian, with love, awareness, and supplication.

We were in the office of Sheikh Barjas Al-Hadid Abu Nidal, the man of difficult social tasks and reconciliations, Al-Wazin, Al-Razin, the representative, Al-Ain, who had the virtues in solving complexities and problems throughout his life, and behind him was the engineer Nidal Al-Hadid, President of Al-Faisaly Club, when he said: “I am certain that whoever did it is suspicious Maqsoud, and ignorant people gave him the opportunity, because the fraternal family relations that unite us are much stronger than leaving in our souls as Jordanians and Palestinians, any trace that cannot shake the strength of cohesion and interest between us, and the one blood that flows in our veins.

Thus, Al-Faisaly's statement was issued, blaming and apologizing, desiring to overcome what happened, and so on, with parallels here and there.

I remember when I was president of the Al-Hussein Camp Club, and we often competed for the volleyball championship with Al-Wehdat Club. We heard mutual impolite hurtful comments and chants. We were ashamed of the management comrades at the two clubs’ councils, but I used what was entrenched in my mind in the meetings, when it happened between Al-Wehdat and Al-Faisaly. I say, what happens between the clubs of Al-Wehdat, Al-Hussein and Al-Baqaa, more and less, and remains within the framework of legitimate sports with enthusiasm towards the desire to win and the rejection of defeat, and the competition between the one divided self, between brothers, and we conclude by saying: “It happens in the finest societies.”

May God curse those who did it, those who employed it, and those who tried to exploit it. Purity will remain the master of the situation between Amman and Jerusalem. It was, is and will continue to be.


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Purity will remain the master of the situation and its title