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Double standards or one single standard?

One of the most used expressions in the official Palestinian political discourse when describing European and American policies is that they adopt double standards when looking at the Palestinian issue, and sometimes it is replaced by the expression of double standards. Are we really facing double standards, or is it a matter of not understanding the essence of these two policies, or let's say the use of a diplomatic euphemism that does not cut bridges with the two policies?

If it is true that diplomacy often has its expressions, formulations, and discourse in general, and politics and thought have their expressions, formulations, and discourse, but it is very dangerous for the diplomatic discourse to transform into the discourse of political thought, then we will not only face a distortion of the facts, but also a distortion of the awareness of the recipient of the speech, while he is in this state. Our people.

Let us take, for example, the European and American position on the Russian military operation in Ukraine compared to the same position on Zionist colonialism. In the first position, the hostility to Russia reached its peak, as well as the punitive measures that have been taking place for more than a year. The European and American military arsenal was opened in front of Zelensky and Nazis. Italy decided to write off the teaching of Tolstoy from its academic courses, while doors were opened and assistance was provided to Ukrainian refugees with blond hair and blue and green eyes, while steps were taken to stand up to the immigration of Africans and Asians, and this is what is happening in Britain, Italy and others, for example.

On the other hand, Zionist colonialism did not carry out a mere military operation in Palestine, not even a mere invasion, but deportation and ethnic cleansing, which resulted in the deportation of 850,000 Palestinians in the year 48 who are today 7 million refugees, and the colonization of all of Palestine and flooding it with settlers brought from all over the world, and turning the back on dozens of decisions Internationalism, which the Zionists refuse to abide by, and with European and American support in the United Nations.

What is the American and European response to all Zionist colonial aggression: condemnation, concern, and in the most extreme cases formal condemnation? Sanctions were not imposed, as in the case of Russia, and war was not waged against Zionist colonialism, as in the case of Russia, where the entire Atlantic threw its weight there in the battle. Rather, the colonizers’ country turned into a huge military arsenal due to American and European support, not even providing it with the capabilities to manufacture nuclear weapons.

Are we, in this situation, facing double standards and a double standard, a standard for the position on Russia and its military operation, and a standard for the position on the Zionist colonizer of Palestine? After all, the standard is the same. American and European politics are driven by the same imperialist mentality, even if this differs from that with some frills. In general, all betting on Europe’s independence from America has failed. European politics is just a subservient follower of American politics.

It is one standard. Hegemony over the capabilities of peoples and preventing the development of hostile forces, or at least competition, for American and European imperial influence. (The criterion of absolute domination), so to speak, is the one that moved the Atlantic with its American and European branches against Russia in order to prevent it from becoming a force confronting American influence, a movement that began since the 2014 coup, a force that seeks to change the rules of the international system that guarantees the absolute dominance of American imperialism, and it is the same tendency to show The hostility to China and the escalation of the position against it, which is the same standard that governs the absolute European and American support for Zionist colonialism in Palestine, ensuring the detention of the development of the Arab region and striking any attempts to liberate it from hegemony, and the transformation of the colonial state into a micro-imperialism, according to the successful expression of the late Dr.

Habash, and a striking tool in the hands of American imperialism. The same criterion can simply be drawn on the European and American position on Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah in Lebanon: the relentless pursuit of striking at efforts to build an axis of resistance to American, European, and Zionist influence in defense of petty imperialism, its role in the region, and its occupation of Palestine.

American and European policy in the region is not only directed in essence by the common capitalist interests between Europeans, Americans and Zionists, but in terms of substance belonging to the same ideological camp historically: the racist camp of the white man towards everyone outside Europe.

Even the Russian becomes Asian according to this racist view. The state of the colonialists is only the Ashkenazic state of the white Zionists.

There are no double standards, but rather one standard that drives European and American policies, which is hostility to the aspirations of peoples for independence, including ours, and to find a place for them on the world map, away from imperialist domination.


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Double standards or one single standard?


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