Tue 30 May 2023 10:21 am - Jerusalem Time

The annexation policy has no choice but to stand firm

The occupying power continues to annex the West Bank to it in various ways, some of which are in full view of the entire world and others are undeclared, by confiscating more lands, establishing settlements and expanding existing ones, in addition to legalizing settlement outposts, and canceling the disengagement, according to which five outposts were evacuated in 2005. In the West Bank, in addition to what the settlers are doing to seize Palestinian lands, especially the lands adjacent to the settlements, for various purposes, either to expand the settlements or to exploit the confiscated lands for agriculture and grazing, and to establish fish and crocodile ponds and many, many others.

In this context, the night before last, and under cover of darkness, an institute or school for teaching the Torah was moved from the “Homesh” settlement to a nearby place, after the land was confiscated under the pretext that it was state land, in preparation for its legalization after the decision to disengage from it and from four other settlements was cancelled.

In addition to paving the way for the legalization of this outpost and work to expand it to accommodate more settlers, which the Netanyahu government announced that the number of settlers in the West Bank will be increased to more than one million settlers, which means not only the legalization of these outposts and others, but also their expansion at the expense of the Palestinian land, within the framework of Attempts by the occupying power to harass citizens to force them to leave abroad, either voluntarily or by force used by the occupation forces and herds of settlers, which have recently escalated and become an overt policy, as more than one Israeli official declared that the West Bank is Jewish land and that there is no place for Palestinians in this country.

It also means a creeping annexation of the West Bank to the occupying state through these measures and policies followed by successive Israeli governments, which appeared clearly through the current Netanyahu government. The international community is protecting our people and working to stop the violations and crimes committed by the occupation against people, trees and stones in the occupied Palestinian territories.

The occupying state sees itself as above international laws and norms and has the right to practice whatever crimes it likes, most of which have reached the level of war crimes, but the international community turns a blind eye to the occupying state and at best issues statements of condemnation and denunciation.

And as long as the United States of America, along with the colonial Western countries, stands at the head of the international community through the one pole, the occupying state will continue its crimes against the Palestinian person, his property, and his sanctities, because these states constitute protection for the occupying state from any international sanctions against it, and even provide it with all the elements of its existence on the ground. Palestinian.
The refusal of the United States and some Western countries to re-legitimize the "Homesh" settlement and other settlements is nothing but sowing dust in the eyes.

In the end, our people have no choice but to withstand these attacks, which ultimately target attempts to end the conflict in favor of the occupying power. There is no choice but to persevere, because it is the only way to thwart all the plans of the occupation.


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The annexation policy has no choice but to stand firm


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