Mon 29 May 2023 10:31 am - Jerusalem Time

Israel should fear itself... for it is an enemy in its own right!

No one wants to drag Syria, God forbid, into a war that is not in its interest with Israel “at this stage.” The very simple question is when this war will be in its interest… “dragging” is rejected in all cases, but the problem is that “the enemy The Zionist" is the one who "drags", and he dragged us more than once... No, rather he dragged us many times to what he wants and to a war or "wars" some might say... God will not bring them back!!

In fact, the occasion for this hadeeth is those statements and “hints” that came out of Israel or were uttered by some of its politicians after several missiles were launched from Syria towards the occupied Syrian Golan a few days ago, and these missiles were also accompanied by other missiles fired at occupied Palestine from Lebanese territory. It was attributed to Palestinian factions, and Israel could not accuse the Lebanese "Hezbollah" of it, even if it - that is, Israel - considered that the firing of these missiles from Lebanon came with the consent and cover of "Hezbollah" and Iran.

Likewise, Israel tried to link the rockets from Syria and Lebanon with a “burst” of small rockets that came out of Gaza into its cover, accusing Hamas and other factions in the Strip of it. Of course, Israel dealt with that as if it were the gentle lamb, as it is said, and the target of many enemies. Forgetting that it was defiling Al-Aqsa and provoking the feelings of hundreds of millions of Muslims in the holy month and attacking the worshipers and those who perform night prayers in the holiest houses of God without regard for anyone, revealing the most heinous aspects of extremism and aggressiveness that are truly rooted in it, not only against the steadfast Palestinian people, but also the entire Arab and Islamic nation. but also the whole world.

Of course, Israel focused its threats and “whispers” on the few missiles that came from Syrian territory towards the Golan, accusing Syria of trying to drag Israel into the war by using Palestinian factions, of course, and adding that all of this was planned and pushed by Iran.

This problem with Israel is that it has been accustomed to “taking control” of the Syrian perimeter for years, and here it is directing air and missile strikes against it repeatedly and periodically, under the pretext of targeting Iranian militias without facing a Syrian military response, as Syria is involved in its internal war that did not remain nor left behind. It has exhausted any capabilities of deterrence and non-deterrence for Israel, and it has the flaming northern front, where the armed opposition factions, the Turkish, American, and Kurdish intervention, and all those who come and go, as they say, accumulate.

Then there is a Syrian military official who said it with the greatness of his tongue... and in classical Arabic that what was lacking in Syria today, God forbid, was the entry of Palestinians from various factions on the line of targeting Israel from its lands.

Neither the Palestinians nor their factions need anyone to push them to target Israel, as they are defending themselves and their people, especially when the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people intensified in the blessed month of Ramadan, and Israel committed killing and violating the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, storming Jenin and Nablus, and its settlers and extremists escaped to attack the Palestinian people. In their villages, towns and neighborhoods, as happened in Hawara and its burning. If the Palestinians do not target Israel, who will they target?

The problem of this Israel is that it is a state that has dissolved itself from all international and humanitarian norms and laws... and a state that insists on its occupation of the land and people of another, the confiscation of its land and the building of its settlements. It is even said that it is being led today by extremists from the extreme religious and national right. He and his racist stances can no longer be tolerated by Israel's closest allies, led by the United States of America.

These religious and other extremists in Tel Aviv do not hesitate... Rather, they are rushing to set fires and attacks and lead the entire region to ignite with its fascist and racist propositions towards the Palestinian Arab people and their legitimate national rights... And they do not hide their expansionist and aggressive plans... They do not even take into account All the peace agreements concluded by the Hebrew state with Arab countries, and even threaten the security of Arab countries with which they are linked to peace, as in the case of Jordan. Arab countries.

The increase in operations inside the West Bank, most of which are individual operations by young youth who are fed up with the occupation and daily humiliation of their people, should ring alarm bells among them, because this people ... the heroic Palestinian people ... possesses the capabilities and energies inherent in the struggle many, many, and not all will intimidate them The Israeli aggression machine, while clinging to its land, homeland, and national rights, is about to explode in the face of this abhorrent occupation, whose internal front is eating contradictions, divisions, and unprecedented polarizations.

Before Israel fears the missiles that come from abroad, or that could come from abroad, it must first fear from within... of this Palestinian people who are steadfast on their land and uphold their rights and dignity. They must fear this young generation, most of whom were born after Oslo, and have not seen Among the illusions of peace are more killings, arrests, harassment and attacks on people, stones and sanctities, and the confiscation of lands... Rather, the dream of establishing an independent state on its land, like the rest of the peoples of the earth, and the end of the occupation through negotiations and peace... Where there is nothing left for him but to confront, even if with stones . In agreement with the "Middle East"


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Israel should fear itself... for it is an enemy in its own right!