Wed 24 May 2023 2:20 pm - Jerusalem Time

Washington eases its pressure on Riyadh to normalize relations with Israel

An informed source told correspondent that Washington has stopped pressuring Saudi Arabia to normalize relations with Israel at the present time, due to the belief of US President Joe Biden's administration that the current conditions in US-Saudi relations and geopolitical changes in the region are not conducive to achieving success in the conflict. Saudi Arabia's inclusion in the Abraham Accords.

"I am not saying that the US-Saudi relationship is marred by Tension at the moment, but it is clear that Saudi Arabia is making a path in its regional policies that is not necessarily consistent with US policy in the region, or perhaps contrary to the priorities of the Biden administration, such as restoring relations with Iran, or, as we saw last week, with Saudi approval, but rather The Saudi initiative to return (Syrian President Bashar) Assad to the Arab tent, which the Biden administration opposes.

The source added, "The Biden administration is also frustrated with the policy and priorities of the Israeli government headed by Benjamin Netanyahu, due to the dilemma of judicial reforms that question democratic standards; in the end, America defends Israel everywhere on the grounds that it is the only democracy in the region, not to mention On the importance of this issue for American Jews, who are a secure base for the Democratic Party.

This is in addition to the Biden administration's desire to see some kind of movement in discussing the Palestinians on many thorny issues, which have become more complicated in recent years, especially in the absence of a peace process between the two parties.

In turn, the official spokesman for the US State Department, Matthew Miller, said in response to a question regarding whether he knew about what was said about the phone conversations between Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about normalization between the two countries, and about what role the Biden administration might have. His game is, "We are aware of these reports, but let me refer you to the two countries (Saudi Arabia and Israel) in this regard, or any details."

"And of course, these are two countries with whom we engage regularly on many issues, but I'm not going to talk to any private diplomatic conversations, and all I will say is, as a broader measure, that we, of course, fully support Israel's integration into the Middle East region, including the normalization of relations with the kingdom," Miller added. Saudi Arab".

And about what was said about Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu talking to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman about pilgrimages from Israel directly, according to what was reported in The Times of Israel, and that the Saudis insist on allowing security officers of the Palestinian Authority to be present in the Haram al-Sharif compound, And whether the US administration supports the presence of Palestinian Authority security at Al-Aqsa Mosque, Miller responded to the "Al-Quds" dot-com reporter by saying, "Again, I think it is more appropriate for these two governments that were involved in the reported talks to talk to any details about it. I would say formally." General, the United States continues to strongly support the historic status quo at the Haram al-Sharif.”

And it was reported that the Saudi crown prince told senior US officials earlier this month that he was ready to normalize the kingdom's relations with Israel as part of a broader reset in relations between Riyadh and Washington, but according to a peace agreement that includes the establishment of a Palestinian state with occupied Jerusalem as its capital.

It is noteworthy that Israeli media had reported on Tuesday that the White House wants Israel to stop judicial reform and resume peace talks with the Palestinian Authority in order for the United States to move forward in mediating normalization between Israel and Saudi Arabia.


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Washington eases its pressure on Riyadh to normalize relations with Israel