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Trump's trial begins in March 2024

A judge in New York has set the date of March 25, 2024, as the date for the start of Donald Trump's trial in the criminal charges against him, which angered the former president because it coincides with his quest for the Republican nomination to run for the presidency next year.

Trump appeared before the judge in New York via video call from Florida, and was also notified by the judge of an order to restrict what he could publish through the media and social media about the case.

In April, Trump became the first former or sitting US president to be charged with a criminal offense related to falsifying documents related to a payment to pornographic actress Stormy Daniels in exchange for covering up an alleged relationship between them.
The former president denies the 34 charges.

Judge Juan Marchand told Trump that court proceedings will begin on March 25, 2024.

Trump seemed increasingly tense and resentful when Murshan reminded those involved not to commit to any other engagements that might interfere with the course of the judicial proceeding.

The date of the trial comes in the midst of the Republican primaries, which Trump hopes to win and run in the presidential elections scheduled for November 2024, in the face of the current Democratic President, Joe Biden, who removed him from the White House in 2020.

Marshan also told Trump to prevent him from publishing material that prosecutors will hand over to his lawyers so they can prepare their defence.
In response to the judge's question whether he had received a copy of the order, Trump replied, sitting in front of two American flags, "Yes."

Marchan signed the injunction earlier in May after prosecutors requested restrictions on Trump's handling of evidence, citing Trump's record of attacking witnesses and prosecutor Alvin Bragg on social media.

Trump's defense team objected to this judicial order, considering that it constitutes a precedent in "sleeping" the mouth of a candidate for the presidential elections.
Attorney Todd Blanche, who sat next to Trump, told the judge that his client was "very concerned" about the violation of his right to free speech guaranteed by the US constitution.

However, the judge stressed that the order issued does not prevent Trump from speaking about the case or his campaign for the presidential elections in 2024.

Trump, 76, has the right to release any previously published information and the majority of evidence collected by his lawyers. But he is prohibited from publishing the names of some of the staff on Manhattan Public Defender Alvin Bragg's team, or the names of witnesses who have been spoken to, until the trials begin.

The case under which Trump is brought before the judiciary relates to the payment of $ 130,000 to Stormy Daniels before the 2016 presidential election to buy her silence about a sexual relationship that she confirms he had with her.

The case is one of a series of prosecutions facing Trump that may affect his running in the 2024 elections, including putting pressure on officials of the electoral process in the state of Georgia in 2020, and an investigation into his dealings with the White House archives.


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Trump's trial begins in March 2024