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Palestine education: The awar deprives 39 thousand students in Gaza from taking the “Tawjihi” exams

50 thousand students will take the exam next Saturday

The Ministry of Education said that the ongoing bloody Israeli war on the Gaza Strip for the 258th day has deprived about 39,000 male and female students from taking the high school exams, which are scheduled to begin the day after tomorrow, Saturday.

Ministry spokesman Sadiq Al-Khadour explained in a press statement today, Thursday, that 450 high school students became martyrs this year as a result of the aggression, including 20 students from the West Bank.

He pointed out that 1,320 students, both male and female, are scheduled to take the Tawjihi exams in 29 Arab countries, including 1,090 in the Arab Republic of Egypt, noting that the ministry’s teams have opened the largest hall in Egypt, in addition to opening private halls in Russia, Turkey, and Qatar. Tests at the embassies of other countries.

Al-Khadour said that the number of students who will take the exam is 50,000 male and female students, including students from the West Bank, and students from our five schools outside the country (Turkey, Qatar, Romania, Bulgaria, and Russia), who number 216 students, distributed among 506 halls, in addition to students from the Gaza Strip. Those who left the Gaza Strip outside the country are distributed among 29 countries, most of them in the Arab Republic of Egypt.

He pointed out that we have 6 correction centers that begin their work, with the first exam starting at exactly nine o’clock in the morning local time in the city of Jerusalem, and students who will take the exam abroad are committed to this timing, because the exam is unified, while the total number of workers is about 20 thousand, distributed between Observer, corrector, administrator, technician, and worker in the exam.

Regarding the students of the Gaza Strip who were prevented by the occupation from taking the first session of the exam, Al-Khadour said, “The Ministry is committed to holding the exam for them when the aggression ends, even if it requires holding a special session for them. Therefore, we reassure them of our full commitment to saving the academic year for them.”

Al-Khadour also reassured the students who will take the exam next Saturday, stressing that it will proceed according to the normal level, and there will be no delay in the questions.


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Palestine education: The awar deprives 39 thousand students in Gaza from taking the “Tawjihi” exams