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International newspapers: Israel must end the war, and Washington is forced to change its policies

The topics that international newspapers and websites focused on in their coverage of the Gaza war varied between calling on the American administration to accept the demand of the Palestinian resistance, searching for a new strategy for the world, and anticipating an increase in protests against the Israeli government.

Writer Thomas Friedman said in his article in the New York Times that American officials must stop humiliating themselves for the sake of Israel, considering that extremists in Israel have caused a lot of damage.

Friedman added, "President Joe Biden must ask Israel to accept the main demand of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), which is to immediately end the war and withdraw from Gaza in exchange for the return of all Israeli hostages."

For his part, Ben Rhodes, former US Deputy National Security Advisor, saw - in an article published in Foreign Affairs magazine - that President Biden "is required to search for a new American strategy for the world, because the rules of the old international order no longer exist."

A previous meeting between US President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Reuters)

He added, "The Gaza war must represent a shock to Washington and force it to change its policies by committing to the right of all people everywhere to live in dignity," stressing that Israel's goal of destroying Hamas cannot be achieved at all.

For its part, The Times newspaper expected that protests would increase in the coming days against Benjamin Netanyahu's government after calls for early elections intensified in recent weeks, with demonstrations taking place throughout Israel on roads, bridges and outside ministers' residences.

Always on the subject of Israel, writer Alon Pinkas in The Guardian newspaper considered that dissolving the war council “harmed Netanyahu, reduced his legitimacy, and narrowed his room for maneuver.”

In the Wall Street Journal, Jonathan wrote, “Israel needs a comprehensive strategy to confront the threat coming from Lebanon.”

On the other hand, the Times of Israel newspaper indicated that the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute expressed its belief that Israel has worked in recent months to modernize its nuclear weapons arsenal and has activated nuclear production facilities in southern Israel.

Source: Al Jazeera


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International newspapers: Israel must end the war, and Washington is forced to change its policies