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Yedioth Ahronoth: 4 scenarios for the “International Justice” ruling expected tomorrow

Tomorrow, Friday, the International Court of Justice is scheduled to issue its ruling on the latest urgent request submitted by the State of South Africa, demanding an order to stop the Israeli attack on Rafah.

Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth published 4 scenarios regarding the expected decision from the court.

The newspaper’s website report stated: “The Israeli military operation in Rafah led to South Africa submitting another appeal to The Hague, and a ruling will be issued on its request to issue an order to stop the operation in Rafah tomorrow at 16:00. This request is part of the comprehensive lawsuit that accuses Israel of committing genocide. These are the governance scenarios:

First: The court will reject South Africa’s request to cease hostilities – slim chance.

Second: The court will accept South Africa’s original demand to stop the fighting in Gaza - a medium chance.

Third: The court will partially accept South Africa's request and focus it on a ceasefire order in the Rafah area - which is a moderate to high possibility.

Fourth: The court will also issue additional orders in the area of increasing humanitarian aid – which is a great opportunity

The newspaper added, in the words of Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant: “We are strengthening our efforts against Rafah, and this operation will continue. More forces from the ground, and more forces from the air, and we will achieve our goals.”

The newspaper said: “In any case, the assessment is that if orders are issued calling for a cessation of hostilities, Israel will not abide by them. In such a scenario, it is possible that the Palestinians and their supporters would go to the Security Council to try to pass a resolution that would force Israel to stop fighting in all of Gaza or in Rafah.

According to the website, Israel is also preparing for more difficult scenarios, especially after the “Black Week” at the International Criminal Court and the Attorney General’s request to issue arrest warrants against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Gallant.

The website concluded its report by saying: “In a way that may seem strange, there are those in Israel who prefer a more stringent order to stop the fighting in the entire Gaza Strip, not just in Rafah. The reason is Israel's fear that the United States will not use its veto if the matter focuses only on Rafah.


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Yedioth Ahronoth: 4 scenarios for the “International Justice” ruling expected tomorrow