Wed 22 May 2024 7:23 pm - Jerusalem Time

West Bank: Death of a young Palestinian by Israeli forces in Jenin city

  1. A young man died this Wednesday evening, as a result of being wounded by Israeli occupation bullets, in the city of Jenin.

  2. The director of Al-Razi Hospital, Fawaz Hammad, reported that the young man, Sami Amin Ahmed Al-Qaisi (18 years old), from Jenin, died as a result of being shot by occupation bullets.

  3. Today, Wednesday, 7 people were injured by live bullets, others were arrested, including a woman, and parts of a house were blown up in the ongoing Israeli occupation aggression against Jenin camp, for the second day in a row.

  4. The Israeli occupation forces had stormed the city of Jenin and its camp since yesterday morning, Tuesday, and were stationed in the streets of Haifa, Nablus, and Burqin Road, accompanied by special “Musta’arabiun” units, which led to the outbreak of confrontations, which were concentrated in the vicinity of Jenin camp and Wadi Burqin.

  5. The occupation forces continued the process of destroying the infrastructure, including streets, vegetable stands, commercial barracks, and citizens’ property, especially vehicles. Yesterday, the occupation bulldozers also destroyed the “Martyr George Habash” roundabout in the vicinity of the Plant Café in the city center, and the “Martyr Omar Al-Nayef” roundabout, and transformed dozens of homes in their neighborhoods. The camp was moved to military points, amid violent confrontations, with the sound of huge explosions being heard.

  6. The occupation forces killed in cold blood eight citizens: General surgery specialist at Jenin Hospital, Asid Jabareen (51 years old), who was targeted in the vicinity of the hospital, and teacher Allam Jaradat (48 years old), who was heading to work at Walid Abu Muwais Basic School for Boys. The student, from the ninth grade of Al Karama Second Basic Boys School, is Mahmoud Amjad Hamadna (15 years old), Muammar Muhammad Deeb Abu Amira (50 years old), Amir Issam Muhammad Abu Amira (22 years old), Osama Muhammad Naeem Hujair, Bassem Mahmoud Saleh Turkman, and the young man Jihad. Muhammad Talib (38 years old).


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West Bank: Death of a young Palestinian by Israeli forces in Jenin city